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Rafael Menjívar Ochoa

Rafael Menjívar Ochoa: “ Blofeld of SPECTRE: /* Published works */ ”’Rafael Menjívar Ochoa”’ (born [[August 17]] [[1959]] in [[San Salvador]]) is a [[El Salvador|Salvadoran]] [[writer]], [[novelist]], [[journalist]] and [[translator]]. His father, the economist [[Rafael Menjívar Larín]], was director of [[University of El Salvador]]. When the [[army]] occupied it in [[1972]], during which his father […]

Rafael Menjívar Larín

Rafael Menjívar Larín: “ Blofeld of SPECTRE: {{inuse}} [[Image:Salvador Cayetano Carpio Yugoslavia.jpg|320px|right|thumbnail|Larín (in the light-colored coat in the centre) attending the funeral of [[Yugoslavia|Yugoslav]] politician [[Josip Broz]] ‘ Tito’ in [[Belgrade]] in 1982.[[Salvador Cayetano Carpio]] places a floral offering at his grave in the foreground.]] ”’Rafael Menjívar Larín”’ ([[January 3]] [[1935]] – [[August 7]] [[2000]]) […]

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