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Ways to reduce stress in the classroom

Ways to reduce stress in the classroom: “ Alyssa oberle: {{db-nocontext}} 10 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Classroom 1. Add laughter to your classroom Laughter is a good way to reduce stress because it adds a sense a humor. Kids learn more when they are having fun. 2. Build self esteem in your students […]

Plaigarism in the classroom

Plaigarism in the classroom: ” TrulyBlue: Speedy delete of OR {{speedy|it is [[WP:OR|original research]] without a [[WP:SNOW|chance of seriving an AfD]]}} Plaigarism isn’t always on purpose. Sometimes, students simply do not know how to cite their sources. That is why it is vital for teachers to instill proper referencing skills early on in the classroom. […]

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