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Rafael Menjívar Larín

Rafael Menjívar Larín: “ Blofeld of SPECTRE: {{inuse}} [[Image:Salvador Cayetano Carpio Yugoslavia.jpg|320px|right|thumbnail|Larín (in the light-colored coat in the centre) attending the funeral of [[Yugoslavia|Yugoslav]] politician [[Josip Broz]] ‘ Tito’ in [[Belgrade]] in 1982.[[Salvador Cayetano Carpio]] places a floral offering at his grave in the foreground.]] ”’Rafael Menjívar Larín”’ ([[January 3]] [[1935]] – [[August 7]] [[2000]]) […]

Unified growth theory

Unified growth theory: “ WikiDan61: Added cleanup-jargon tag. {{wikify|date=October 2008}} {{context|date=September 2008}} {{cleanup-jargon}} ”’Unified growth theory”’ was developed to address the inability of the theory of endogenous [[economic growth]] to explain key empirical regularities in the growth processes of individual economies and the world economy as a whole. [[ Endogenous growth theory]] was preoccupied with […]

Devalued Market Inventories (DMI)

Devalued Market Inventories (DMI): “ Jachoukian: /* See also */ Added Categories. Devalued Market Inventories (DMI). The concept of Devalued Market Inventories evolved from the analysis done by Enterprise Solved LLC in the United States in 2008 during the economic crisis caused in part by the increase of the supply of homes by home building […]

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