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Jiang Jianqing

Jiang Jianqing: “ Ramtears: ”’Jiang Jianqing”’ ([[Chinese character|Chinese: ]]姜建清; February 1953 – ) is the current president of the [[Industrial and Commercial Bank of China]] (ICBC). Jiang graduated from [[Shanghai University of Finance and Economics]] in 1984, and later obtained his master’s and doctor’s degrees from [[Shanghai Jiao Tong University]]. In 1993, Jiang was appointed […]

Shanghai Story

Shanghai Story: “ Tryptofeng: Created stub {{Infobox Chinese Film | name = Shanghai Story | image = | image_size = | caption = | director = [[Peng Xiaolian]] | producer = | writer = Peng Xiaolian<br />[[Lin Liangzhong]] | starring = [[Joey Wang]]<br />[[Josephine Koo]]<br />[[Feng Yuanzheng]]<br />[[Zheng Zhenyao]] | music = | cinematography = […]

Zhao Zhuangyu

Zhao Zhuangyu: ” Ceranthor: cleanup? {{cleanup|date=October 2008}} Zhao Zhuangyu (赵庄愚) (January 28,1911-January 8,1991) Scholar : Physicist, PaleoAstronomer, Zhou-Yi Philosopher Profession : Metallugical Chief Engineer, Military Engineer, Guest Professor of Chongqing University, Sichuan, China Mr. Zhao Zhuangyu was well-known as a Paleoastronomer and a Zhou-Yi Philosopher in China. However, Mr. Zhao considered himself rather a Theoretical […]

Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade

Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade: “ Excirial: Stubbied {{unreferenced}} The ”’Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade”’ is the predecessor of the [[University of International Business and Economics]] {{college-stub}} {{uncat}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

History of Harbin Institute of Technology

History of Harbin Institute of Technology: “ Dapeng90000: Founded in [[1920]], <ref>[ WelCome to Harbin Institute of Technology<!– Bot generated title –>]</ref>, Harbin Institute of Technology has developed into an important research university focusing on engineering with supporting faculties in the sciences, management, humanities and the social sciences. In [[1954]], it was named one of […]

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