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Shooting at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men’s 50 metre running target

Shooting at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men’s 50 metre running target: “

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{{Infobox Olympic event
|event = Men’s 50 metre running target
|games = 1988 Summer
|venue =
|date = September 23, 1988
|competitors = 23
|nations = 16
|gold = [[Tor Heiestad]]
|goldNOC = NOR
|silver = [[Huang Shiping]]
|silverNOC = CHN
|bronze = [[Gennadi Avramenko]]
|bronzeNOC = URS
|win_label = Winning score
|win_value = 689 (OR)
|next = [[Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men’s 10 metre running target|1992]] (10 m)

Men’s [[50 metre running target]] made its final Olympic appearance at the [[1988 Summer Olympics]] (after which it was replaced by [[10 metre running target]]). It was also the only time the 30 slow runs and 30 fast runs were followed by a ten-shot final (fast runs) for the top four contestants. [[Gennadi Avramenko]] and [[Tor Heiestad]] established a new Olympic record of 591 points, and Heiestad won the final, where Avramenko was also surpassed by [[Huang Shiping]].

==Qualification round==
{|class=’wikitable sortable’ style=’text-align: center’
|1||align=left|[[Gennadi Avramenko]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|URS|1988 Summer}}
|294||297||”’591”’||”’Q OR”’
|1||align=left|[[Tor Heiestad]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|NOR|1988 Summer}}
|299||292||”’591”’||”’Q OR”’
|3||align=left|[[Huang Shiping]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|CHN|1988 Summer}}
|4||align=left|[[Ján Kermiet]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|TCH|1988 Summer}}
|5||align=left|[[Andras Doleschall]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|HUN|1988 Summer}}
|6||align=left|[[Attila Solti]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|HUN|1988 Summer}}
|7||align=left|[[Thomas Pfeffer]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|GDR|1988 Summer}}
|8||align=left|[[Christian Stützinger]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|FRG|1988 Summer}}
|9||align=left|[[Jan Pettersson]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|SWE|1988 Summer}}
|10||align=left|[[Ji Gang]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|CHN|1988 Summer}}
|11||align=left|[[Jean-Luc Tricoire]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|FRA|1988 Summer}}
|12||align=left|[[Jerzy Greszkiewicz]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|POL|1988 Summer}}
|12||align=left|[[Luboš Račanský]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|TCH|1988 Summer}}
|14||align=left|[[Oleg Moldovan]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|URS|1988 Summer}}
|15||align=left|[[Mike Herrmann]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|GDR|1988 Summer}}
|15||align=left|[[Wojciech Karkusiewicz]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|POL|1988 Summer}}
|17||align=left|[[Todd Bensley]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|USA|1988 Summer}}
|18||align=left|[[Scott Swinney]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|USA|1988 Summer}}
|19||align=left|[[Valerio Donnianni]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|ITA|1988 Summer}}
|19||align=left|[[Hong Seung-pyo]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|KOR|1988 Summer}}
|21||align=left|[[David Lee (sport shooter)|David Lee]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|CAN|1988 Summer}}
|22||align=left|[[Bryan Wilson (sport shooter)|Bryan Wilson]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|AUS|1988 Summer}}
|23||align=left|[[Carlos Silva-Mo Nterroso]]||align=left|{{flagIOC|GUA|1988 Summer}}
”’OR”’ Olympic record – ”’Q”’ Qualified for final

{|class=’wikitable sortable’ style=’text-align: center’
|{{Gold1}}||align=left|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Tor Heiestad]]|NOR|1988 Summer}}
|591||10||10||10||10||10||10||10||10|| 8||10|| 98||”’689”’||”’OR”’
|{{Silver2}}||align=left|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Huang Shiping]]|CHN|1988 Summer}}
|589||10||10|| 9||10||10||10||10|| 9||10||10|| 98||”’687”’||
|{{Bronze3}}||align=left|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Gennadi Avramenko]]|URS|1988 Summer}}
|591||10|| 7||10||10|| 9|| 9||10||10||10||10|| 95||”’686”’||
|4||align=left|{{flagIOCathlete|[[Ján Kermiet]]|TCH|1988 Summer}}
|588|| 9||10|| 7||10|| 9||10|| 9||10|| 7||10|| 91||”’679”’||
”’OR”’ Olympic record

== References ==
*{{cite book |title=XXIVth Olympiad Seoul 1988 Official Report – Volume 2 Part 2 |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-28}}

[[Category:Shooting events at the 1988 Summer Olympics]]

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As-Sultan Hassan Mosque

As-Sultan Hassan Mosque: “


As-Sultan Hassan Mosque (مسجد السلطان حسن):

One of Cairo’s famous mosques, It was built in the 14th Century to be a mosque and a school.
It shows amazing architectural details wich amaze the visitors especially that the mosque is still in shape after more that 700 years.

The mosque is located somewhere near the Citadel of Salah Al Din in Cairo, Al Qala’a area. It shares the same yard with Al Rifae’y Mosque which was built later but not in shape as As-Sultan Hassan though, some people say that the reason for this that As-Sultan Hassan was built by Arab Architects on the oriental style so it can still resist the cilmatic changes, but Al Rifae’y was built by Turkich architect on the Europian style, that’s why it had no aeration system (as in Europian mosques, they have no aeration systems in Mosques because of Rain)and it couldn’t resist humidity.

The mosque was built on a large area, where ic contains As-Sahn with a large water fountain inside (for wodoo’: A kind of wash Muslims do before praying), the praying area, the burial chamber where As-Sultan was burried and some pathes inside the mosque showing beautiful details in the cieling and on the walls.

<ref><a href=’’ title=’Arches of the past. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’154′ alt=’Arches of the past.’ /></a></ref>

A deserted part beside As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’The lights to behold. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’149′ height=’240′ alt=’The lights to behold.’ /></a>

As-Sahn: A large space usually in the center of old oriental styled mosques around which the mosque is divided into 4 parts, they maybe representing the four Khalifas : Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali. Or maybe representing the four Imams: Al Shafe’ey, Ibn Hanbal, Ahmed and Malek at As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’Alleys of the past. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’156′ height=’240′ alt=’Alleys of the past.’ /></a>

One of the paths in As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’The gate to History. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’160′ height=’240′ alt=’The gate to History.’ /></a>

That’s the door of Al Minbar (a high step that the preacher stands on in the mosque) at As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’Al Mihrab (2). by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’160′ alt=’Al Mihrab (2).’ /></a>

<a href=’’ title=’Al Mihrab. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’160′ alt=’Al Mihrab.’ /></a>

Al Mihrab is place found in most of the mosques (mainly the old ones) whre it shows the direction of Al Quibla (it’s the direction Muslims should be facing while they’re praying).
That one is in As-Sultan Hassan Mosque. It shows nice patterns, colours and even verses from the holy book: Qur’an, still in shape even after 7 centuries.

<a href=’’ title=’The light is always there. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’160′ height=’240′ alt=’The light is always there.’ /></a>

A window in As-Sultan Hassan’s Burial chamber.

<a href=’’ title=’Colourful truthful faith. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’199′ height=’240′ alt=’Colourful truthful faith.’ /></a>

A colourful window in As-Sultan Hassan.
This is one of the windows of the chamber where As-Sultan Hassan was Burried, it has amazing colourful glass letting stunning coloured rays into the chamber in beautiful patterns where it has some Qur’anic verses written in that glass plus some shapes.

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Chinnar River

Chinnar River: “

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[[Image:Map-K-Manjampatti Valley-T.jpg|thumb|200px|”’Chinnar River”’ at the bottom of Manjampatti Valley (top left in this image){{coord|10|21|N|77|13|E|}}]]
The [[Pambar River]] merges with the ”’Chinnar River”’ at [[Koottar]] where a comfortable tree house accommodation is available.<ref>Blue Yonder Holidays Pvt Ltd, Chinnar, the real treasure trove, retrieved 8/30/2007[ Koottar Tree House]</ref> The Chinnar follows the E-W interstate boundary along the northwest edge of the [[Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary]] and becomes the [[Amaravati River]] in [[Tamil Nadu]].

The [[Manjampatti Valley]] catchment basin drains into the Chinnar River. This Valley is drained by the stream Ten Ar and a smaller unnamed stream 2 km to its west. The unnamed stream is the N-S political boundary between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The top of the ridge to the west above this stream is the western limit of the catchment. This unnamed stream joins the Pambar River at the point they both join the Chinnar River at the north west corner of the Valley. West of this point, the Chinnar River forms the boundary between the [[Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park]] and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. East of this point, the Chinnar river becomes the [[Amaravati River]] into Tamil Nadu. There are Kerala and Tamil Nadu border checkpoints along [[State Highway 17 (Tamil Nadu – Kerala, India)|SH 17]] on either side of the river where a road bridge crosses the Chinnar near here.

{{Kaveri River}}


[[Category:Rivers of Kerala]]

[[simple:Chinnar River]]

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Battle Circus (band)

Battle Circus (band): “

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{{Infobox Musical artist
| Name = Battle Circus
| Img =
| Img_capt =
| Img_size =
| Background = group_or_band
| Origin = [[Auckland]], [[New Zealand]]
| Genre = [[Progressive Rock]]<br />[[Psychedelic_music|Psychedelic]]<br />[[Dark Cabaret]]<br />Punk Cabaret
| Years_active = 2005 – present
| Label =
| Associated_acts =
| URL = []
| Current_members = Marcel Bellve<br />Yvonne Wu<br />Ryan Marshall<br />Tory ‘Jester’ Staples
| Past_members = James Whitlock

Battle Circus is a progressive rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band, formed in 2005, consists of members Marcel Bellve (Vocals, Guitar), Yvonne Wu (Piano, Keyboards), Ryan Marshall (Bass), and Tory ‘Jester’ Staples (Drums). Staples replaced former drummer James Whitlock in August, 2008. Battle Circus’ music is dark, heavy, and grandiose, spanning the gamut of genres from psychedelic to punk cabaret.

The band was hand-selected as the only opener on [[Amanda Palmer]]’s 2008 tour of the [[United Kingdom]] and [[Europe]]. Previously, the band was also selected by [[The Red Paintings]] for an Australian tour.


The Half-Light Symphony, EP, Self Released 2007

Love In A Fallout Shelter<br />
Utopium<br />
Send In The Clones

Coup De Silence<br />

[ Real Groove Magazine Review]

==External Links==

[ Official Homepage]

[ Facebook]

[ MySpace]

[ YouTube]

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Staking: “

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”’Staking”’ may refer to:

* [[Heat staking]], a method of connecting components
* [[Poker staking]], the act of one person putting up cash for a poker player to play with in hopes that the player wins

==See also==

* [[Stake]]


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Deeago Records

Deeago Records: “


{{Infobox record label
| name = Deeago Records
| image =
| image_bg =
| parent =
| founded = 2008
| founder =
| defunct =
| distributor =
| genre = [[Indie]], [[Pop]]
| country = [[United Kingdom]]
| location =
| url =

”’Deeago Records”’ is an [[independent record label]] based in [[Eastbourne]], [[United Kingdom]].

To date, the company has not signed any artists.

== See also ==
* [[List of record labels]]
* [[List of independent UK record labels]]

==External links==
* [ Official website]

[[Category:British record labels]]
[[Category:Independent record labels]]
[[Category:Record labels established in 2004]]

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Ashley Tucker

Ashley Tucker: “

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Ivan Petrovich Larionov

Ivan Petrovich Larionov: “

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Ivan Petrovich Larionov

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Vasili Razumovsky

Vasili Razumovsky: “

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”’Vasili Ivanovich Razumovsky”’ ({{lang-ru|”Василий Иванович Разумовский”}}) ([[1857]]-[[1935]]) Russian surgeon, professor of surgery at [[Kazan University]] since [[1887]]. Rasumovsky was among the founders of universities at [[Saratov State University|Saratov]] ([[1909]]), [[Tbilisi State University|Tbilisi]] ([[1918]]), and [[Baku]] ([[1919]]), and was the first rector of [[Baku State University]] ([[1919]]-[[1920]]). After 1920 he returned to Kazan University, and taught there until [[1930]].

==External links==
* [, Разумовский, Василий Иванович (Брокгауз, БСЭ)]

[[Category:Russian scientists]]
[[Category:Russian surgeons]]

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Eqe Bay

Eqe Bay: “

Rosiestep: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Coord|69|40|N|76|25|W|type:landmark|display=title}} ”’Eqe Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title…’

”’Eqe Bay”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Eqe Bay, Canada |accessdate=2008-10-01 |}}</ref> is an irregularly shaped [[waterway]] on the western coast of northcentral [[Baffin Island]], northeastern [[Rae craton|Rae Province]]<ref>{{cite journal |title=Geology, geochronology, and geochemistry of Archean rocks in the Eqe Bay area, north-central Baffin Island, Canada: constraints on the depositional and tectonic history of the Mary River Group of northeastern Rae Province |journal=Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences |last=Bethune |first=K. |coauthors=Scammel, R. |date=August, 2003 |publisher= |location= |oclc=89117854 |isbn= |url=}}</ref> in [[Nunavut]], [[Canada]]. An arm of the [[Foxe Basin]], it contains no islands within it, but [[Bray Island]] lies outside the bay to the south.



[[Category:Sounds of Qikiqtaaluk Region]]
[[Category:Baffin Island]]
[[Category:Foxe Basin]]


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