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Sharon Ferre

Sharon Ferre: “

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Sharon Ferre

Sharon Ferre is well-known for her one and only obsession: pink. Her alias is Pink Diva. She is PFFs (Pink Friends Forever) with Annika Thunder-Thigh (who prefers to go by her surname only). She is one of the main human characters in Produce: A Musical (an M-Squeak Production). Her official website is but she is also known for her support of the PACOTW (Pinkness Appreciation Club of the World) ( She is a graduate of Pink University, and has multiple careers:
-Pinkness Designer

She is unmarried (and intends to remain so), though Steve the Grocer has an ENORMOUS crush on her. Her goal in life is to retire in a pink castle with Thunder-Thigh, and to make pinkness the obsession of the world (though not necessarily in that order).

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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