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Redsocks (band)

Redsocks (band): “

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{{Infobox musical artist | <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians –>
| Name = Redsocks
| Img =
| Img_capt =
| Img_size =
| Landscape =
| Background = group_or_band
| Origin = [[Image:Flag of Portugal.svg|25px]] [[Ovar]], [[Portugal]]
| Genre = [[Rock]] <br> [[Punk]] <br> [[Ska]]
| Years_active = [[2004]] – present
| Label =
| URL =
| Current_members = Lula<br>Jon<br>Pinguim<br>Hugo<br>Jimmi
| Past_members = Miguel

[[Redsocks]] is a [[Portugal|Portuguese]] [[Punk-ska]] band, hailing from [[Ovar]] and formed in [[2004]].

Although the band is heavily influenced by other [[punk]] and [[ska]] groups (including [[NOFX]], [[Lagwagon]] or [[Mad Caddies]]), its music tend to mix all influences, creating a unified musical genre, that is enjoyed by all kinds of listeners.<ref>[ Redsocks’ review in a Portuguese radio station]</ref>


[[Redsocks]] was formed in [[2004]], in [[Ovar]], when four friends (”’Hugo”’ – [[guitar]], ”’Pinguim”’ – [[bass guitar]], ”’Jon”’ – [[guitar]] and ”’Miguel”’ – [[drums]]) decided to start a band, so they could play the same songs their favorite [[punk-rock]] bands played. After some rehearsals and a few [[Gig (musical performance)|gigs]] (having the chance to play with some big portuguese bands, such as [[More Than a Thousand]], [[fonzie_(band)|Fonzie]] and [[EasyWay]]), ”’Miguel”’ left the band, behing replaced by the current drummer, ”’Jimmi”’. It was around that time that ”’Lula”’ joinned the [[Redsocks]], along with his [[sax]].<ref>[ History – from Redsocks’ Myspace]</ref>

After a lot of rehearsals and sporadic [[Gig (musical performance)|gigs]], in [[2008]], [[Redsocks]] recorded their first EP, called ‘Rock & Roll is Bitchin”, and are currently promoting it through a series of live [[shows]], in many [[Portugal|Portuguese]] cities, such as [[Oporto]], [[Coimbra]], and [[Aveiro]].]].<ref>[ Fanzine review of one of Redsocks’ shows in Oporto]</ref>

The band is also currently looking for [[record label|label


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|”’Date of Release”’
|”[[Rock & Roll is Bitchin’ (EP)]]”
|(independent release)


==External links==
[ Redsocks’ Myspace]


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