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Battle Circus (band)

Battle Circus (band): “

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{{Infobox Musical artist
| Name = Battle Circus
| Img =
| Img_capt =
| Img_size =
| Background = group_or_band
| Origin = [[Auckland]], [[New Zealand]]
| Genre = [[Progressive Rock]]<br />[[Psychedelic_music|Psychedelic]]<br />[[Dark Cabaret]]<br />Punk Cabaret
| Years_active = 2005 – present
| Label =
| Associated_acts =
| URL = []
| Current_members = Marcel Bellve<br />Yvonne Wu<br />Ryan Marshall<br />Tory ‘Jester’ Staples
| Past_members = James Whitlock

Battle Circus is a progressive rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. The band, formed in 2005, consists of members Marcel Bellve (Vocals, Guitar), Yvonne Wu (Piano, Keyboards), Ryan Marshall (Bass), and Tory ‘Jester’ Staples (Drums). Staples replaced former drummer James Whitlock in August, 2008. Battle Circus’ music is dark, heavy, and grandiose, spanning the gamut of genres from psychedelic to punk cabaret.

The band was hand-selected as the only opener on [[Amanda Palmer]]’s 2008 tour of the [[United Kingdom]] and [[Europe]]. Previously, the band was also selected by [[The Red Paintings]] for an Australian tour.


The Half-Light Symphony, EP, Self Released 2007

Love In A Fallout Shelter<br />
Utopium<br />
Send In The Clones

Coup De Silence<br />

[ Real Groove Magazine Review]

==External Links==

[ Official Homepage]

[ Facebook]

[ MySpace]

[ YouTube]

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