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As-Sultan Hassan Mosque

As-Sultan Hassan Mosque: “


As-Sultan Hassan Mosque (مسجد السلطان حسن):

One of Cairo’s famous mosques, It was built in the 14th Century to be a mosque and a school.
It shows amazing architectural details wich amaze the visitors especially that the mosque is still in shape after more that 700 years.

The mosque is located somewhere near the Citadel of Salah Al Din in Cairo, Al Qala’a area. It shares the same yard with Al Rifae’y Mosque which was built later but not in shape as As-Sultan Hassan though, some people say that the reason for this that As-Sultan Hassan was built by Arab Architects on the oriental style so it can still resist the cilmatic changes, but Al Rifae’y was built by Turkich architect on the Europian style, that’s why it had no aeration system (as in Europian mosques, they have no aeration systems in Mosques because of Rain)and it couldn’t resist humidity.

The mosque was built on a large area, where ic contains As-Sahn with a large water fountain inside (for wodoo’: A kind of wash Muslims do before praying), the praying area, the burial chamber where As-Sultan was burried and some pathes inside the mosque showing beautiful details in the cieling and on the walls.

<ref><a href=’’ title=’Arches of the past. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’154′ alt=’Arches of the past.’ /></a></ref>

A deserted part beside As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’The lights to behold. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’149′ height=’240′ alt=’The lights to behold.’ /></a>

As-Sahn: A large space usually in the center of old oriental styled mosques around which the mosque is divided into 4 parts, they maybe representing the four Khalifas : Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali. Or maybe representing the four Imams: Al Shafe’ey, Ibn Hanbal, Ahmed and Malek at As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’Alleys of the past. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’156′ height=’240′ alt=’Alleys of the past.’ /></a>

One of the paths in As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’The gate to History. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’160′ height=’240′ alt=’The gate to History.’ /></a>

That’s the door of Al Minbar (a high step that the preacher stands on in the mosque) at As-Sultan Hassan mosque.

<a href=’’ title=’Al Mihrab (2). by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’160′ alt=’Al Mihrab (2).’ /></a>

<a href=’’ title=’Al Mihrab. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’240′ height=’160′ alt=’Al Mihrab.’ /></a>

Al Mihrab is place found in most of the mosques (mainly the old ones) whre it shows the direction of Al Quibla (it’s the direction Muslims should be facing while they’re praying).
That one is in As-Sultan Hassan Mosque. It shows nice patterns, colours and even verses from the holy book: Qur’an, still in shape even after 7 centuries.

<a href=’’ title=’The light is always there. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’160′ height=’240′ alt=’The light is always there.’ /></a>

A window in As-Sultan Hassan’s Burial chamber.

<a href=’’ title=’Colourful truthful faith. by .Marwa., on Flickr’><img src=’’ width=’199′ height=’240′ alt=’Colourful truthful faith.’ /></a>

A colourful window in As-Sultan Hassan.
This is one of the windows of the chamber where As-Sultan Hassan was Burried, it has amazing colourful glass letting stunning coloured rays into the chamber in beautiful patterns where it has some Qur’anic verses written in that glass plus some shapes.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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