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Wikipedia first article: “

TerriersFan: fix lead

”’CAST Application Intelligence Platform”’ (AIP) is an enterprise-grade software quality assessment and performance measurement solution from CAST Software. The AIP solution inspects the source code, identifies and tracks quality issues, and provides the data to monitor development performance. CAST can read, analyze and semantically understand most kinds of source code, including scripting and interface languages, 3GLs, 4GLs, web and mainframe technologies, across all layers of an application (UI, logic and data). By analyzing all tiers of a complex application, AIP measures quality and adherence to architectural and coding standards, while providing visual specification models. Managers get real time access to this information via a web interface (the Application Governance Dashboard) by which they can proactively monitor, measure and improve application health and development team performance. Managers and developers can see how applications evolve with developer ‘touches’ and have the power to identify application issues before they become production problems, drill down to the code at risk, and help speed remediation.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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