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The beginnings of the great eye

The beginnings of the great eye: “

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the beginnings of the great eye
Long ago, in the belly of the earth itself, when magma first started to flow. From the center of the heat a great energy formed. This energy leaked to the surface created a great mountain. Many more years passed and the energy spit forth from the top of the mountain into the sky and into space. For many centenaries it radiated and flowed through the heavens. The oceans swept forth and covered the lands and clouds formed in the sky. The clouds did mix with the energy and Sumar did fall to the earth. The Cyclops was of the first of life forms upon this planet. They fought back the oceans and formed their own right and property. More centuries did fade to the past and other life forms crawled out of the sea. Those spineless creatures; the scum they were did envy the great colonies of the Cyclops. Countless battles ravaged the land, as these new creatures grew bolder. They outnumbered the Cyclops one thousand to one. When there were but few Cyclops left and even fewer of their great cities a council came together to unite the separated powers of the dwindling giants. There stood a leader of them. He was the strongest and the wisest of them. He spoke quietly and with great care. Ekalyias said, ‘We must follow our hearts back the mountains. We must journey back to our humble beginnings and seek refuge from these new vile beasts that threaten our peaceful way of life.’ As they marched to the mountains they were chased by a great evil power. At the peak of the mountain a cave was found with a light gleaming from it. Ekalyias ventured onward toward the great light and a eye not so different from his own stared at him. Thunderous words spilled forth from this manifestation and brought even the great Ekalyias to his knees. It tells Ekalyias that a great battle will occur seventeen days from then while rain is pouring and it runs to the sea that the spineless creatures will take it as an omen of victory and will fall.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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