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Retching Red

Retching Red: “

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{{Infobox musical artist <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Musicians –>
| Name = Retching Red
| Img = cb_retching_red.png
| Img_capt = Cinder Block of Retching Red<br />Photo by Murray Bowles
| Img_size =
| Landscape =
| Background = group_or_band
| Alias =
| Origin = [[Oakland, California]]
| Genre = [[hardcore punk]]
| Years_active = 2004–2006
| Label = [[Rodent Popsicle Records]]<br />[[Overdose On Records]]
| Associated_acts =
| URL =
| Current_members = Cinder Block<br />Cyco Loco<br />Jake Dudley<br/>Adam Grant
| Past_members =
| Notable_instruments =
”’Retching Red”’ were an [[Oakland, California]]-based [[hardcore punk]] band that formed in late July 2004<ref></ref>.

The band consisted of founding members Cinder Block (formerly of [[Tilt (band)|Tilt]] and Fabulous Disaster) and Cyco Logic Loco (of Oppressed Logic), with Adam Grant (of [[Creepy (band)|Creepy]]) on drums and Jake Dudley (also of Oppressed Logic) on guitar<ref></ref>. [[Rodent Popsicle Records]] released their debut CD entitled ‘[[Get Your Red Wings]]’ later that year.

Retching Red released their second full length album ‘[[Scarlet Whore of War]]’ in April of 2006<ref></ref> and followed it up with a month long tour of Europe<ref></ref><ref></ref> and a full US tour in July 2006. They released a split 7′ with The Twats later that year, and have been on indefinite hiatus since.

Jake Dudley continues to play in hardcore band Oppressed Logic. Drummer Adam Grant continues to play in indie/pop-punk bands Creepy and Oppressed Logic.

”[[Get Your Red Wings]]” (2004)<br />
”[[Scarlet Whore of War]]” (2006)<br />
”[[Retching Red & The Twats]]” split 7′ , (2006)

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*{{musicbrainz artist|id=cd7bec7a-4dc9-4a2f-b741-73c2589bd770|name=Retching Red}}


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