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Pierre Coetzer

Pierre Coetzer: “

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”’Pierre Coetzer”’ (Born on June 12, 1961), is a former [[Heavyweight]] (Over 200 lbs/90,71kgs) boxer from [[Pretoria]], [[South Africa]]. He had a total of 44 career fights, winning 39 (KO 27) and only losing 5 (KO 3). Coetzer’s most notable fights were probably those against Johnny Du Plooy, [[Riddick Bowe]], [[Frank Bruno]] and [[George Foreman]].


Pierre Coetzer was originally born in Pretoria, South Africa and currently resides there.

==Professional Career==

Coetzer began his professional boxing career in 1983. After winning his first 9 fights he was matched up against the American [[Bernard Benton]] who was rated at [[cruiserweight]] . Although Benton out-pointed Coetzer over 10 rounds in their July 1984 bout in [[Durban]], revenge would come for Coetzer when he knocked Benton out in the first round at [[Ellis Park]] Indoor Arena, [[Johannesburg]] on 28 September 1987, 3 years later.

His next fight was for the vacant South African Heavyweight Title against Benny Knoetze in September 1984. Pierre KO’d Benny in round 3 to seal the vacant title.

Over the next 3 years Pierre notched up 12 victories, including wins against Larry Frazier, ‘’Young’’ Joe Louis, [[Alfredo Evangelista]] and Bernard Benton. It was at this point where he came up against the Puerto Rican: [[Ossie Ocasio]]. This was a fighter of great potential and during his career had already won the WBA Cruiserweight Championship of the World, and defeated such men as [[Jimmy Young (boxer)]], [[Dwight Muhammad Qawi]], Robbie Williams (boxer) and ‘Young’ Joe Louis. In their first fight on 6 March 1988, Good Hope Centre, [[Cape Town]], Ocasio out-pointed Coetzer over 10 rounds. This was Pierre’s first loss since winning the vacant South African Heavyweight Title. But after defeating Tim Anderson(USA) and Manoel De Almeida(Brazil) in his next two fights, he set up a re-match with Ocasio (26 November 1988, Standard Bank Indoor Arena, Johannesburg). This time Coetzer won on points over 10 rounds.

He went on to win 6 more fights before facing up against local heavyweight, Johnny Du Plooy. Du Plooy had won 196 of 200 amateur fights and scored 17 knockouts in his first 20 fights. Both men had defeated a host of former world champions and name fighters en route to the top, but everybody wanted to see them in action against each other.

They met on August 4, 1990 (Superbowl, Sun City) in a bout billed ‘Once and For All.’ Du Plooy started off well and cut Coetzer with the very first right he threw and had his man down towards the end of the first round. But the extremely strong Pierre Coetzer dropped Du Plooy twice in the second round and won the fight by TKO.

Coetzer went on to earn a #1 contender spot for [[Evander Holyfield]]’s IBF world title, but was made to fight a WBA Heavyweight Title Eliminator (scheduled for 12-rounds) against the #2 contender [[Riddick Bowe]]. The bout took place on 18 July 1992 ([[Las Vegas]], Nevada), and although at the end of the fight Bowe was ahead on the scorecards of all three judges, Coetzer disagreed. Bowe had hit him below the belt in the 6th for which the referee [[Mills Lane]] had deducted a point, and again in the7th with what appeared to be a right-handed low blow. At this time Coetzer turned away, anticipating that Lane would deliver a warning to Bowe and left his hands down and absorbed a a jolting right uppercut. Bowe then followed with a a left and right that drove Coetzer into the ropes and Mills Lane steppped in and waved an end to the match. ‘It definitely shouldn’t have been stopped,’ said Coetzer. ‘It was a low blow.’ Bowe had claimed a controversial 7th round TKO.

Coetzer then fought [[Frank Bruno]](from London, England). The Referee stopped the fight in the eighth round and Bruno was awarded an 8th round TKO.
The last bout of his career was against [[George Foreman]]. Coetzer was knocked down in the 4th and 8th rounds and Foreman was awarded a TKO in round 8 of 10.

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