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Minuscule 14

Minuscule 14: “

Leszek Jańczuk: small expansion

{{New Testament manuscript infobox
|text= [[Gospel]]s †
|script= [[Greek language|Greek]]
|date= 964
|now at= [[National Library of France]]
|size= 17.6 by 19.2 cm
|type= [[Byzantine text-type]]

”’Minuscule 14”’ (Gregory-Aland).
It is a Greek [[Lower case|minuscule]] [[manuscript]] of the [[New Testament]], on 392 parchment leaves (17.6 by 19.2 cm), dated paleographically to the 10th century. Written in one column per page, 17 lines per page.<ref name=Aland>K. Aland, M. Welte, B. Köster, K. Junack, ”Kurzgefasste Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neues Testaments”, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, New York 1994, p. 47. </ref>

== Description ==

The codex contains the text of the four [[Gospel]]s with some lacunae. The [[Eusebian Canons]] were given, and synaxaria. Written in beatifull, regular letters.
It has a [[colophon]] with the date A.D. 964. Before the discovering of the [[Uspenski Gospels]] it was the oldest known dated minuscule.<ref>F. H. A. Scrivener, ”A Plain Introduction…” </ref>

The Greek text of the codex, is a representative of the [[Byzantine text-type]].

It was in private hands and belonged to cardinal Mazarin.
The codex now is located in [[National Library of France]] (Gr. 70) at [[Paris]].<ref name=Aland/>

== See also ==
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== References ==

[[Category:10th century books]]
[[Category:Greek New Testament minuscules|Minuscule 14]]

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