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Lorraine, Virginia

Lorraine, Virginia: “

Vaoverland: new article, still working on it

”’Lorraine”’ was an unincorporated community in [[Henrico County, Virginia]]. Named for Edward Lorraine, the 19th centry chief engineer of the [[James River and Kanawha Canal]], Lorraine became a station stop of the [[Richmond and Allegheny Railroad]] which was built on the defunct canal’s [[right-of-way]] in the 1880s. Sonn after completion, the railroad was acquired by the [[Chesapeake and Ohio Railway]]. It became a major conduit for transportation of [[coal]] from southern West Virginia to the [[coal pier]] on the harbor of [[Hampton Roads]] at ”Newport News, Virginia|Newport News”. Almost 100 yaers laters, became the James River line of CSX Transportation.

Once a moderately busy passenger and freight station, Lorraine was discontinued in the mid 20 century. The tiny community became one of the [[Lost counties, cities and towns of Virginia]].

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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