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Konstantin Kobetz

Konstantin Kobetz: “


”’Konstantin Kobetz”’ ({{lang-ru|Па́вел Серге́евич Грачё́в}}) {{birth date and age|1939|7|16}} is a [[Russia]]n [[General of the Army (Russia)|Army General]] and the former [[Defence Minister of the Russian Federation]].

{{start box}}
{{succession box | before = [[Yevgeny Shaposhnikov]] <br><small> as Minister of Defence of Soviet Union and CIS</small> | title = [[Defence Minister of the Russian Federation]] | years = 1992-1996 | after = [[Mikhail Kolesnikov]] <br>(Acting)}}
{{end box}}

[[Category:Russian Ministers of Defense]]
[[Category:Soviet military personnel]]
[[ru:Кобец, Константин Иванович]]

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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