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Cam Deas, born Cameron Jacob Deas is a Folk, Minimalist, Experimental artist currently based in Sheffield, England.

== Early Life ==

Born in Greenwich on June 29th, 1989 to parents Chris and Margaret, much of Cameron’s early life is unknown and it is common fact between fans that he is a character of mystery.
Records of Cameron mainly begin around the time of his primary school education at Chestnut Lane Primary school in Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire. At this time Cameron suffered from a mild stutter but this did not stop him from forming a friendship with a young Samuel Tippet (a school mate whole lived along the same road) and being a superb student and achieving the necessary high grades to gain a place at the notorious and well respected Doctor Challanors Grammar school. Although only aged 11, Cameron was already well on the way to becoming the accomplished guitarist that he is today.
At this time Cameron met local child Thomas Kilburn through Samuel and the three formed an instant bond.

Years later at the age of thirteen, Cameron made his first major, musical appearance with the formation of a band with friends Sam and Tom. The trio went through various disastrous names before settling on ‘Formaldehyde’. The band debuted at the local youth club, ‘Lens’ and the show became the start of Cameron’s live career.

== The ‘Formaldehyde’ years ==

His skills already developing, playing his infamous black Ibanez, Cameron and the band became a youth phenomenon of the local music scene with songs; ‘My Life’ and ‘I wanna be your dog’. The band played numerous shows around local areas and gained a small cult following.
As the band progressed and began to find themselves they moved away from their original ‘pop-punk’ roots with Cameron’s guitar style borrowing from bands such as Alkaline Trio and N.W.A.
Around this time the band shortened its name to Form, and whilst still keeping their ‘party’ attitude (involving on-stage stints such as milk drinking competitions) started to make heavier music, mainly due to Cameron’s recent purchase of a Laney amp head. This would prove to be a staple to his electric guitar based music. This also signaled the end of his ridiculously poor and explosive prone Behringer V-amp.
Towards the age of 16 Cameron and the band began to disband due to GCSE study. Although the band would still play irregular gigs, they became less and less regular and almost came to a complete stop around the age of 18. It was at this time that Cameron began becoming a lot more spanish guitar based and this was evident with his music production and live performances of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at his high school.

== Current Career ==

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