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All I Want Is Everything (album)

All I Want Is Everything (album): “ /* History */

{{Infobox Album <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums –>
|Name = All I Want Is Everything
|Type = Studio
|Artist = [[JoJo (singer)|JoJo]]
|Cover = nocover.png
|Released = [[February 18]], [[2008]]
|Recorded = 2007-Present
|Genre = [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Contemporary R&B|R&B]], [[hip hop]], [[soul music|soul]]
|Length =
|Label = [[Blackground Records]]
|Producer = [[Timbaland]], [[Danja]], [[J.R. Rotem]], [[Stargate (production team)|Stargate]], [[The Neptunes]], [[Christopher Stewart (music producer)|Tricky Stewart]], [[The-Dream]], [[Sam Sparro]]
|Reviews =
|Last album = ”[[The High Road]]”<br/>(2006)
|This album = ””’All I Want Is Everything””'<br/>(2009)
|Misc =
|Name =
|Type =
|single 1 =
|single 1 date =

””’All I Want Is Everything””’ is the third [[studio album]] by [[United States|American]] [[contemporary R&B|R&B]] singer-songwriter [[JoJo (singer)|JoJo]]. It will feature production from [[Stargate (production team)|Stargate]], [[J.R. Rotem]], [[Timbaland]].

In May 2008, Levesque characterised the album as ‘[[soul music|soul]], [[hip hop music|hip-hop]] and [[contemporary R&B|R&B]]’.

In late 2007 JoJo stated that she had been writing songs for her third album, which will be released when she turns eighteen.<ref name=’Album’>{{cite web |url=|title=JoJo working on 3rd album |accessdate=2008-02-14 |date=[[2008-02-14]]}}</ref> JoJo says that she wants her fans to see growth in her music. She has also stated that she is looking for a publisher so that she can sing some of her self-written songs.

In an interview with BOP and Tiger Beat online, JoJo stated that she hoped to start recording a new album early 2008.

In a blog posted on Myspace [[February 10]] [[2008]] she wrote that she is working on her third album and hopes to have it out by fall and a single before that. In an [[April 8]] [[2008]] interview at the [[Hearst Tower (New York City)|Hearst Tower]] for the ‘Ultimate Prom’ party, JoJo stated that she is writing and producing her new album in Boston and Atlanta. She has also lined up producers [[Tank (singer)|Tank]], [[DJ Toomp]], [[J. Moss]], [[Toby Gad]], [[The Underdogs (duo)|The Underdogs]], [[Danja]], [[J.R. Rotem]], [[Billy Steinberg]], [[Bryan-Michael Cox]], [[Marsha Ambrosius]], Madd Scientist, Tony Dixon, Eric Dawkins and J. Gatsby. In a [[July 3]] interview, JoJo confirmed that out of three quarters of the finished material, she has written all but one song. She also confirmed that it will be her most personal album to date with inspiration coming from her breakup with Adu to finding a new relationship, as well as feeling sexier and more confident in becoming a woman. The self-written title track is described as an inspirational anthem. On August 30, 2008, JoJo posted her own answer version of the song ‘[[Can’t Believe It]]’, which originally performed by [[T-Pain]]. On September 1st, JoJo posted a blog saying that her album would be coming out early 2009 as she had stated times before. She also let people know she is an R&B artist even though some like to call it pop. In 2008, the R&B singer [[Ne-Yo]] sampled JoJo’s second single ‘Baby It’s You’ from her self-titled debut album on his second single ‘[[Miss Independent (Ne-Yo song)|Miss Independent]]’ from his third album ‘[[Year of the Gentleman]]’.<ref name=’Remix’>{{cite web |url=|title=Ne-Yo feat JoJo – Miss Independent (maRekkk 2oo8 Remix) |accessdate=2008-08-27 |date=[[2008-08-27]]}}</ref>


*A lead single will be released to iTunes on [[December 9]], [[2008]]. No further information has been released.

==Confirmed Tracks==
*’We Are’
*’Well Too Bad’
*’Can’t Believe It’
*’All I Want Is Everything’

===Recorded Tracks===
*’Looking For A New One’
*’Blah La La’
*’Miss Independent’


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