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The Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar: “


{{Future television|type=series}}
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:”Not to be confused with ”'[[3-2-1 Penguins!]]”’.”
{{Infobox Television
| show_name = The Penguins of Madagascar
| image = <!– Deleted image removed: [[Image:Madagascar Penguins.PNG|250px|{{deletable image-caption|1=Saturday, 15 March 2008}}]] –>
| caption = (Left to Right) Kowalski, Skipper, and Rico
| starring = [[Tom McGrath (animator)|Tom McGrath]]<br>[[Chris Miller]]<br>[[Christopher Knights]]<br>[[John DiMaggio]]<br>
| country = {{USA}}
| network = [[Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon]]
| preceded_by = ”[[Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa]]”
| followed_by =
| first_aired = [[2009]]
| last_aired =
””’The Penguins of Madagascar””’ (previously known as ”””Penguins!”””) is an [[United States|American]] [[Computer-generated imagery|CGI]] [[Animated]] [[TV series]] broadcast on [[Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon]], starring the Penguins from the 2005 film, ”[[Madagascar (2005 film)|Madagascar]]”.
This is the first Nicktoon produced with [[DreamWorks Animation]].

Continuing their epic journey, four wacky penguins named Skipper (the leader of the group), Kowalski (the smartest of the group), Private (the youngest

* ”’Skipper”’ ([[Tom McGrath (animator)|Tom McGarth]]): The leader of the group. He’s really good at barking orders out, naming plans, and slapping the others.

* ”’Kowalski”’ ([[Chris Miller]]): The smartest of the penguins. He’s good at forming plans for the group and usually takes notes for Skipper.

* ”’Private”’ ([[Christopher Knights]]): The youngest of the group. He’s mostly good at cracking codes, and is often slapped by Skipper. Also loves taking notes for Skipper. In the Christmas Caper short (found on the Madagascar DVD), he was captured by the old lady.

* ”’Rico”’ ([[John DiMaggio]]): Psychotic knife wizard and explosives expert. Rico somewhat displays a certain talent for the [[culinary arts]]. Plus, he has dark circles under his eyes. Also, in the short, [[The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper]], Rico has a small scratch on his lower face. However, he does not have it in the actual movie.

== External Links ==

*[”The Penguins of Madagascar”] at the Internet Movie Database.

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