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T35A08: “

Fat pig73: /* T35A08 specifications */

”’T35A08”’ is the designation for [[Toronto]]’s newest subway car.

The new car set will arrive in 2009 and complete delivery by 2011. They will be built by [[Bombardier Transportation]] with design based on the current TTC T1 cars and the Bombardier’s Movia sets.

==T35A08 specifications==
*”’Car Builder:”’ Bombardier Transportation
*”’Car Body:”’ Aluminum and steel
*”’Unit Numbers:”’ TBD
*”’Fleet of:”’ 234
*”’Car Length:”’ 139980 mm (based on [[Movia]])
*”’Car Width:”’ 2620mm (based on TTC T1 specifications)
*”’Car Height:”’ 3658 mm (12′ 0”) (based on TTC T1 specifications)
*”’Track Gauge:”’ 1495 mm (58-7/8”)
*”’Total Weight:”’ N/A
*”’Propulsion System:”’ AC Motors
*”’Motors:”’ AC Traction motors
*”’Power (Third Rail):”’ 600 VDC
*”’Power (Auxiliary):”’ 120/208 VAC
*”’Braking System:”’ N/A
*”’Total Seating:”’ 288 (based on [[Movia]])
*”’Coupling/Numbering Arrangement:”’ None – single car set
*”’Air Conditioning System:”’ Yes
*”’Price per car”’ $18.2 million per set (6 cars) or $710 million

==External links==

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(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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