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Sean Daley Professional Mountain Biker

Sean Daley Professional Mountain Biker: “ {{cite web}}

”’Sean Daley”’ is a Professional [[mountain biking|Mountain Biker]] from [[Marshfield]], [[Massachusetts]]. Sean raced for in the [[2008]] season before turning Professional and was third in the 2008 [[New England Championship Series]] and finished 9th at the 2008 [[Cross-Country]] National Championships.<ref>{{cite web |title= Daley Season Recap |work= |date=2008-09-18 |url=}}</ref>

Educated at the [[University of Massachusetts-Boston]], Sean received his B.A. in History and is currently a Graduate Student at [[Providence College]].<ref name=bikeman1664>{{cite web |title= Mid Season Update |work= |date=2008-08-10 |url=}}</ref>

===Comeback from illness===

In [[May]] [[1998]] Sean was diagnosed with [[Lymphoma]] causing him to abandon cycling for a period of time. After receiving intensive chemo therapy for his stage four lymphoma. Sean returned to [[cycling]] and in 2008 made his dramatic return to cross-country mountain biking. <ref name=bikeman1664 />

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