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Charles Richards, NASA engineer

Charles Richards, NASA engineer: “

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Designer engineer Charles Richards used data from [[NASA]] research over [[Francis Rogallo]]’s mechanical inventions to produce a [[wing]] configuration for manned [[hang glider|hung-pilot kite-gliders]] that was to be found copied only with slight ornamental variation in a decade of hang gliders. <ref> NASA Dryden [[Paresev]] Photo Collection</ref> Richards was of the Flight Research Center’s Vehicle and System Dynamics Branch. The four-beamed wing folded from the noseplate; one of the beams was the spreader beam that kept the flexible-wing’s sweep. <ref>Charles Richards and his key designing is noted in the 407 page online-available book ”’On the Frontier”’ at </ref> Those in the following decade copying the Charles Richards wing configuration expanded [[kiting]], [[hang gliding]], [[ultralight]], and trike flight.

== Timeline ==

* 1961 December : Charles Richards is given a directive from NASA’s [[Paul Bikle]] to build a cheap kite glider that could be used to give pilots practice in flying in free flight using simple weight-shifting that would change the attitude of the wing relative to the hung position of the pilot and payload. <ref> Aviation Journal’s Aviation News, The Rogallo Parasev: A revolution in flying wings</ref>

* 1962 February 12 : Charles Richards and his team completed a first kite-glider that achieved obtaining an FAA registration. Many versions followed first flight tests. <ref> NASA Images Detail View </ref>

* 2004 Charles Richards name was included in the space [[Stardust (spacecraft)]] chip. .<ref></ref>

== References ==


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