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Western Virginia Land Trust

Western Virginia Land Trust: “

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The [ Western Virginia Land Trust] is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity headquartered in Roanoke, VA. WVLT works to permanently protect farmland, open spaces, streams, forests, and mountaintops from development with conservation easements. WVLT’s service area contains ten Virginia counties: Bedford, Botetourt, Carroll, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Henry, Montgomery, Patrick and Roanoke.

Since 1996, WVLT has helped to protect more than 56,000 acres of land. In 2008, the Western Virginia Land Trust received the largest conservation easement ever donated in Virginia: 6,185 acres in Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, donated by the City of Roanoke, VA<ref>[ Easement protects land at Carvins Cove –<!– Bot generated title –>]</ref>. The easement protects 14 miles of the viewshed from the Appalachian Trail as well as a major source of the drinking water supply for the Roanoke Valley. Carvins Cove is also the second-largest city park in America and the largest east of the Mississippi<ref></ref>.

”’WVLT Mission Statement:”’

Promoting the conservation of western Virginia’s natural resources- – farms, forests, waterways and rural landscapes.


To educate landowners and professionals about conservation easements.
To promote, through sound estate planning, the retention of family lands critical to preserving our rural landscapes
To assist local, state and federal partners in the preservation of critical conservation lands
To encourage land use planning which recognizes the importance of preserving our rural landscapes
To encourage land development which minimizes impacts on the environment and creates sustainable communities
To promote best management practices on agriculture and forestry

”’Priority Places:”’

Family Farms
Rivers, Streams and Watersheds
Blue Ridge Parkway Viewsheds
Ridgetops and Mountainsides
Greenways and Trails, including the Appalachian Trail


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