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Westbrook Church

Westbrook Church: “


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| denomination = Non-Denominational, Evangelical Christian
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| founded_date = 1983
| founder =
| architect =
| style =
| constructed_date =
| dedicated_date =
| closed_date =
| demolished_date =
| bishop =
| priest =
| archdeacon =
| dean =
| provost =
| rector =
| canon =
| prebendary =
| curate =
| chaplain =
| vicar =
| deacon =
| abbot =
| minister =
| seniorpastor = Scott Grabendike
| pastor =
| address = 1100 HWY 83 Hartland, WI 53029
| country = [[United States]]
| phone = 262.367.8422
| website = []
”’Westbrook Church”’ is a large, [[non-denominational]], [[Evangelical Christian]] church located in [[Hartland, Wisconsin]], a suburb of [[Milwaukee]]. The church is [[autonomous]] and independent of any denominational control. Westbrook currently averages over 1,000 people in attendance per week and is a member of the [[Willow Creek Association]].

== History ==
The Westbrook story began with several small neighborhood groups comprised of people who attended [[Elmbrook Church]] in [[Brookfield, Wisconsin|Brookfield]]. In 1981 worship services were held on Sunday evenings at Cushing School in [[Delafield, Wisconsin|Delafield]] with average attendance between 25-30 people. In 1982 slow growth had leaders set to hold Westbrook’s final service due to low attendance. However, seventy-five people who wanted to know when the church would be started showed up, saving the church. In 1983 Westbrook was officially born as a church plant of Elmbrook and worship services were held at Delafield Town Hall. Also that year, International Ministries was founded with the mission ‘to know Christ and to make Him known’. In 1985 Westbrook started meeting at the Walmart Center strip mall in Delafield and began supporting their first four missionary families. In 1986 the church supported eight missionary families.

In 1988 the church purchased the 25-acre cornfield in Hartland where the church is currently located and added an associate pastor. In 1989 growth led to a second worship service being added, worship services moved once again to Wales Elementary, and Westbrook hired its first youth pastor. In 1993 Westbrook broke ground on Phase I of its new campus and temporarily moved yet again to Kettle Moraine High School. In 1994, Phase I was completed and the church moved into its first permanent building, with worship services held in the gym. By 1996 the congregation had doubled in size since moving into the new facility. In 1999 plans began for adding a worship center and additional classrooms. In 2002 the debt on Phase I was retired allowing construction to be planned for Phase II. In 2005 Phase II was completed, consisting of a state-of-the-art 1,000 seat worship center. In 2008, California native Scott Grabendike became the new lead pastor of Westbrook.<ref></ref>

==Mission and Vision==
”’Mission Statement”’: To Know Him and To Make Him Known

”’Vision Statement”’: We dream of a church that is a Biblically functioning community, where people have a growing passion to follow Jesus and to make Him known to others.


”Live submitted lives”: God’s Truth is revealed to us in the Scriptures. As we strive to know God’s Word well, we cooperate with the Holy Spirit and He transforms us to live more like Jesus.

”Goal”: Create a community where it’s difficult for people to be biblically illiterate.

”Live worshipful lives”: Provide meaningful corporate worship which encourages continued worship of God in each of our private lives.

”Goal”: Create a community where it’s difficult for people to live self centered lives.

”Live connected lives”: God has designed us to share life in meaningful, loving relationships. Following Jesus’ example, we aim to care for and serve one another.

”Goal”: Create a community where it’s difficult for people to live lonely lives.

”Live prayerful lives”: Our relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, deepens as we pray and express our dependence and adoration for Him.

”Goal”: Create a community where it’s difficult for people to live self reliant lives.

”Live missional lives”: Lost people matter to God and they matter to us as well.

”Goal”: Create a community where it’s difficult for people to miss God’s invitation into eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.<ref></ref>

==Doctrinal Statement==
The [[Bible]] is God’s perfect manual for living.
[[God]] is actively involved in our lives.
The one God, creator of the world, loves us.
God came to earth to live among us in the person of [[Jesus]].
The [[Holy Spirit]] is God living in us.
All people have a need for the life that only God can give.
Because of the death and resurrection of [[Christ]] we can have the hope of [[heaven]].
We celebrate our faith when we practice [[baptism]] and [[communion]].
The church was designed by God so we can know Him, make Him known to others, and serve each other like Jesus. Jesus is coming again!<ref></ref>

== References and notes ==

== External links ==
* [] – Official web site
* [] – Willow Creek Association

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