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Tumble and tea cafe

Tumble and tea cafe: “

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Tumble and tea café is a posh café that has a menu of made-to-order breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch meals. Tumble & tea cafe offers free wi-fi, comfortable seating, great music, a hip café experience, and a custom-designed indoor play space for children from newborns to five years of age.

As a newly divorced mother of her one-year-old daughter, tumble & tea café Founder and CEO, Georgina DeCarlo, experienced an epiphany – Just because I have a child, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy delicious food and great coffee. Why should parents of young children be limited to the park, zoo and fast food restaurants? Georgina’s natural entrepreneurial instincts urged her to create a place that catered to both parents and their young children to fill this demand. She waved goodbye to her corporate account executive career in the banking industry and said hello to developing tumble & tea café. The tumble & tea café team were determined to create more that just a café but a restaurant that allows parents to be adults and kids to be kids.

After years of work, the tumble & tea café team opened the doors in the summer of 2006. The first café is located in Berkeley, CA. The café quickly became a home-away-from-home for many San Francisco Bay Area parents.

They have devoted years to research, strategy development, market surveys and business planning to create a café experience that would fill the need for both children and parents that weren’t satisfied with accepting that their only options were the park or fast food restaurants. The result is a place that exceeds the needs of both children and adults.

tumble & tea café franchise is on the cutting edge of many of today’s hottest food trends. These include fresh, healthful menu options, organic choices, artesian espresso and specialty coffees. The café culture is exploding across America and they offer consumers an expansive menu of coffee options they desire. They also offer many delicious vegetarian options, catering to the continually growing vegetarian trend. Tumble & tea café is pioneering this high demand and cutting edge café concept.

They have systemized food assembly to enable quick and easy preparation. For such a sophisticated and diverse menu it is kept simple. Most items can be pre-prepared expediting actual preparation and serving time. The cooking is simple, efficient and fast to produce high volume of food with a low volume of labor.

The typical tumble & tea café franchise ranges between 2,500 to 3,500 square feet. It will include the café kitchen, dining room, large play area with play equipment for children, a birthday/multi-purpose room, storage / office space, a diaper-changing room and restrooms. By design and for safety, there will be no easy access between the play area and the front door.

All of the elements of this carefully developed franchise combine to treat the children, their caregivers, and all other customers to an enjoyable experience. They have worked with top restaurant designers and architects to study every detail of design to make the café run smoother, accommodate different customers and provide a feeling of safety for parents.

The café includes a safe and stimulating custom-designed indoor play space with play structures designed to meet the physical, mental and social developmental needs of children from birth to five-year of age. Safe and secure, the area will be enclosed by a transparent fence and there is only one entrance and exit. This space is visible from every seat in the café, so parents can relax and enjoy themselves while the kids amerce themselves in play. The play space includes:

-Castle Wiggle Wall, a safe climbing structure -Train table and climbing train structure -Maze area filled with games and puzzles and a Velcro wall -Imagination play -Soft play section, a separate area for little crawlers and pre-crawlers -Hamster tubes for children, ages three- to five-years old -Large soft blocks

They also host birthday parties and other local events. To fully accommodate the needs of they are open seven days a week. Children love their tumble & tea café birthday parties even though they don’t know that they are really designed for the ease and comfort of adults. They call them ‘make a reservation, show up, the kids will have a great time, and your house will still be clean when it is all over birthday party!’ Birthday parties include a party coordinator, invitations, balloons and decorations, cups and plates, pizza, juice, birthday cake, playtime in the café play space, thank you cards, a birthday treat for the kids and a free pass for the birthday child’s next visit.

This innovative concept has lead to a huge amount of success and has ignited a large volume of requests for nationwide expansion. Tumble and tea café is now ready to share their formula that can help bring this exceptional café nationwide and fill the demand for this much needed concept. In response to this overwhelming demand tumble & tea café will begin awarding franchises in early fall 2008. CEO & Founder Georgina DeCarlo’s focus is on quality for both the franchisee and the customer. ‘Our goal is to support and train people on how to run their business and create an amazing experience for all who walk through our doors no matter what city you live in!’

Tumble and tea café will soon have locations in these states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas & Washington.

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