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Sussex Scot

Sussex Scot: “


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The [[Sussex Scot]] was one of a number of named trains introduced by the [[British Rail]] [[Inter-City]] sector during the 1980’s. The train ran between [[Brighton]] and [[Glasgow Central]] / [[Edinburgh Waverley]] via [[Kensington Olympia]], [[Reading]], [[Birmingham New Street]] and major stations to [[Carstairs]] where the train divided into portions for [[Glasgow Central]] and [[Edinburgh Waverley]].
The first departure was the 16th May 1988. Northbound train departed [[Brighton]] at 1315 and arrived at [[Glasgow Central]] 2248 and [[Edinburgh Waverley]] 2252. Southbound the train departed [[Glasgow Central]] 1050 and [[Edinburgh Waverley]] 1044 and arrived at Brighton 2020. The train was normally formed of 10 coaches. A [[class 47]] locomotive hauled the train between [[Brighton]] and [[Birmingham New Street]] and vice versa with usually a [[class 86]] or [[class 87]] electric locomotive between [[Birmingham New Street]] and [[Scotland]].
From the 15th May 1989 the departure time from Brighton was moved to the more convenient time of 0845 arriving in [[Glasgow Central]] at 1732 and [[Edinburgh Waverley]] at 1747.
From the 14th May 1990 the departure time from brighton was moved again to 0918 with an arrival time in [[Glasgow Central]] at 1810. The Edinburgh portion was portion no longer ran. Southbound departure from [[Glasgow Central]] was 1133 with an arrival in [[Brighton]] at 2021. Over the following years the destination swopped between [[Glasgow Central]] and [[Edinburgh Waverley]] but the times remained largely unaltered.

The next major change was for the summer 1994 timetable. From the 18th May 1994 both north and southbound trains also served [[Manchester Piccadilly]] Departure from [[Brighton]] was at 0920 arriving at [[Manchester Piccadilly]] at 1522 and at [[Glasgow Central]] 1912. Southbound the [[Sussex Scot]] departed [[Glasgow Central]] at 1040, [[Manchester Piccadilly]] at 1417 and arrived at [[Brighton]] 2028. The [[locomotive]] change from [[diesel]] to [[electric]] was now done at [[Preston]]. By this date the formation of the train had been reduced to 7 coaches. There was little change over the following years even when [[Virgin Trains]] won the franchise for the [[CrossCountry]] rail network in 1997.
New [[Voyager]] trains were introduced on the service from 2001. The introduction of [[Virgin Trains]] Operation Princess saw the last run of the Sussex Scot on the 28th September 2002, after that date services from [[Brighton]] whilst increased in number went no further than [[Manchester Piccadilly]].

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