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Melissa roll

Melissa roll: “

Rbanzai: Added db-web

”’Melissa Rolling”’ is the new chain-mail phenomenon based on the internet meme Rick Rolling. It is the act of sending a picture af a girl nicknamed ‘Melissa’ in a cell phone picture message. The actual origins of this are currently unknown, but it is thought to originate in Southern North Carolina. Occasionally, the Rick Astley song, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ is included in the picture message. This is also very similar to ‘Rick Rolling’ and ‘Duck Rolling’ originating at
In just a half of a day, it reached her brother’s friend’s mother, who had not seen it. She promtly sent it to the subject, ‘Melissa’, who had not seen it before. In a full day, it has reached the outskirts of Oklahome, and is quickly spreading across the whole United States.

<gallery> |This is the usual picture used, although others have been sent.


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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