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HT Concepts Inc.

HT Concepts Inc.: “

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|company_name=HT Concepts Inc.
|company_logo=[[Image:HTConceptsLogo150.jpg|150px|HT Concepts logo]]
|company_type=[[S Corporation]]
|location=[[Botkins, Ohio]]
|key_people=Robert J. Doseck, Co-Founder & President <br>Nicholas J. Greve, Co-Founder & Vice President
”’HT Concepts Inc.”’ is a 2006 [[Inc 500]] company an experience oriented [[Retailing|retailer]] of [[consumer electronics]] in the [[Botkins, Ohio]].

*”’2001”’ – Robert J. Doseck and business partner Nicholas J. Greve create [ Plasma Concepts], an online retail company specializing in [[Plasma TV]]s.
*”’Spring 2002”’ – Version 2 of [] is released to enhance user experience while shopping online.
*”’Fall 2002”’ – Version 3 of [] is released to accomodate bandwidth and usability issues.
*”’2003”’ – Version 4 of [ Plasma Concepts] is released to introduce online shopping cart and expansion of product line by offering [[LCD TV]]s.
*”’2003”’ – Robert J. Doseck and business partner Nicholas J. Greve create [ Projector Concepts], another online retail company specializing in Projectors.
*”’2004”’ – The release of 5th generation website. Updates related to enhanceing user experience.
*”’2005”’ – and updated to improve visual appeal and improve server performance.
*”’2006”’ – HT Concepts Inc. ranks no.494<ref>[ HT Concepts, inc5000 Article – Inc. Article]</ref> on [[Inc. Magazine]]s annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the [[U.S.]], the ‘Inc. 500.’ <ref>[ 25 Years of the Inc. 500]</ref>.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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