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Frank T. Johns

Frank T. Johns: “


”’Frank T. Johns”’ (February 23, 1889 – May 20, 1928) Frank Tetes Johns holds the estimable distinction of being the youngest candidate to run for the [[United States Presidency]]. He ran on the [[Socialist Labor Party]] ticket in 1924 and 1928. While giving a campaign speech in [[Bend, Oregon]], he dove into the cold waters of the Deschutes River when he heard a small boy cry for help. Both he and the little boy drowned. A monument was erected in his honour at the central park of Bend, Oregon, and he was also posthumously given the [[Andrew Carnegie]] award for heroism. In 1933, his wife passed away leaving his 2 daughters Margaret and Mildred orphans. Their brother Phillip had already passed away in 1924 during a [[diptheria]] epidemic. The two girls also had diptheria, but survived.

From the internet website for the Andrew Carnegie Hero Fund Commission:
Portland, Oregon
Frank T. Johns, 39, carpenter, died attempting to save John C. Rhodes, Jr., 11, from drowning, Bend, Oregon, May 20, 1928.
John fell from a bridge into very cold deep water in the Deschutes River and drifted in the current at a point 100 feet from the bank. Johns, fully clothed, swam from the opposite bank 240 feet to John, gave him a shove toward the bank, struggled briefly, and sank. John drifted about 15 feet farther and sank. Both were drowned.

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