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Destiny:The beginning

Destiny:The beginning: “

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”This article is about the book”
Destiny: The Beginning is a book written by Tomos Hancock on September 27th 2008. Its storyline is about the books main protagonist ‘Black Rose’ who’s name isn’t discovered by the reader throughout the book, Black Rose was created in 1985 by his father Lucifer Granite. The main antagonist is a 23 year old man called Alex Meek, or codenamed Gray Wolf. The book was scheduled to be released around February next year, exclusivly on bebo. The books group can be found at [[]]

== Plot ==
Little is know about the plot so far, but what ever we learn, we will keep this article posted.

== Characters ==
The Characters of the book are loosly based on influence, the characters consist of:

Black Rose; The books main protagonist
Alex Meek; The books main antagonist who goes by the codename Gray Wolf
Lucifer Granite; Black Rose’s biological father
Johnathon Meek; Alex Meeks father
‘D.A.X.T.E.R.’; Black Rose’s best friend and sub-protagonist
and Lucy Wolof; Black Rose’s love and life in the book.

Please Note the characters mentioned are the characters who know of ”’so far”’ any additional characters will be added right away.

== References ==

1. ”(2008) Bebo Group ‘[[Destiny: The Beginning]]” – April 23rd

== See Also ==
[[Bebo Group]]

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