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Capitalism – The Movie

Capitalism – The Movie: “

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{{Infobox_Film |
name = Capitalism – The Movie |
image = |
writer = Stu Harrison|
starring = Saara Lamberg<br />Stu Harrison<br />Imnay Padron Cordero<br />Charly Harrison |
director = Stu Harrison|

distributor = |
music = Peter Stock<br />Charly Harrison |
released = [[12 August]] [[2008]] |
runtime = 74 min. |
language = English |
imdb_id = 1287322 |
””’Capitalism – The Movie””’ is a [[2008]] film by Stu Harrison.

Official Synopsis:
1985. A crumpled ticket litters the stock market floor. Two traders have just lost all of their client’s money. They have 48 hours to get it back, or they will lose something even more valuable.

The characters of Peter and Alan were invented by Stu and Charlie Harrison on their commute to work. They would act in character, getting strange looks from passengers.


==External links==
*{{imdb title|id=1287322|title=Capitalism: The Movie}}

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