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Business Information Services Library

Business Information Services Library: “

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”’BISL”’ is a methodology used in the IT industry.

The ”’Business Information Services Library”’ (BiSL) is a [[public domain]] methodology, which describes a standard for processes within [[business information management]] at the strategy, management and operations level. <ref>,en/</ref>. BiSL is closely related to the [[ITIL]] and [[ASL]] framework, yet the main difference between these frameworks is that ITIAL and ASL focus on the supply side of information, whereas BiSL focuses on the demand side. <ref>,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,338/Itemid,70/lang,en/</ref>
<ref>Remko van der Pols, Ralph Donatz, Frank van Outvorst. ”BiSL, Framework for Business Information Management. (2007)” ISBN 978-90-8753-042-6</ref>

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