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Blue Max Environmental Drilling

Blue Max Environmental Drilling: “

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Blue Max Environmental Drilling is an environmental [[drilling]] company based out of [[Port Coquitlam]], [[BC]], [[Canada]]. Blue Max specializes in [[soil vapour]] and limited access drilling for [[environmental]] and [[geotechnical]] applications. <ref></ref>

Blue Max was established as a limited partneship venture initiated in January, 2008. The company has since established itself as a leader in soil vapour and limited access drilling projects across western Canada, but with a main focus in BC.


Migration of subsurface vapours into buildings and other occupied structures has become an environmental exposure risk that has only recently been fully accounted for in environmental regulations in both the USA and Canada at the [[state]] and [[province]] levels.

Current BC [[Ministry of Environment]] (MOE) regulations state that the soil vapour pathway for volatile and semi-volatile substances has not been fully addressed through the current Schedule 4 (numerical) and Schedule 5 (matrix) soil and groundwater standards in the BC [[Contaminated Sites Regulation]] (CSR). This means that even if contaminants of concern meet applicable soil and groundwater standards, they may not be protective of human health through the vapour intrusion pathway. To address this regulation gap, the BC MOE has since established an interim Soil Vapour Assessment guidance effective February 1, 2008. The guidance states that all sites listing volatile or semi-volatile substances (as listed in the Draft Air Concentration Criteria (ACC)) as contaminants of potential concern require evaluation of the soil vapour pathway prior toissuance of an Approval in Principle or Certificate of Compliance. Soil vapour investigations are now required as part of all Detailed SiteInvestigations (DSIs), requiring vertical and horizontal delineation to evaluate potential risks to human health though exposure to soil vapours.
Blue Max Capabilities
Blue Max can provide technically sound, reproducible sample results through theinstallation of:<br />•Soil Vapour Probes (temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent)<br />•Sub-slab Vapour Points (inside buildings under concrete slabs)<br />•Borehole Drilling / Soil Sampling<br />•Monitoring Well/Piezometer Installations. <br />The fleet of limited-access equipment provides the ability to sample in places that conventional drill rigs would not even think of. The fleet currently includes hollow stem, solid stem, drive point and hand auger equipment to serve soil vapour and limited access drilling needs.
<br />The following mechanical drilling equipment is currently available: <br />Electric Rotary Hammer Drilling(Boreholes, Monitoring Wells/Piezometers, Soil Vapour and Sub-Slab Installations)<br />Hand Operated Hollow Stem Auger Capabilities (3’ augers)<br />Solid Stem Auger Capabilities (2’ augers)<br />Drive Point Temporary Installation Capabilities <br />Sub-Slab Point Installations <br />Discrete Soil Sampling (Soil Core Sampling)<br />Solely electric powered within 30 m radius from power source <br />Gas powered generator required for locations >30m from power source <br />Gas Powered Auger Drilling (Portable Auger Drill Rig)(Boreholes, Monitoring Wells/Piezometers, Soil Vapour Installations) <br />One-man portability with truck mounted poweroHollow Stem Auger Capabilities (3’ to 6’ augers) <br />Solid Stem Auger Capabilities (2’ to 4’ augers) <br />Discrete Soil Sampling (Split Spoon, Soil Core or Grab Sampling) <br />6’8’ High (2.18 m) <br />2’2’ Wide (0.7 m) <br />2,500 lbs. lifting capacity.
<br />Experience
<br />The drilling crew is experienced in engineering design technology, mechanical partsfabrication, machining, millwrighting and construction services.

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