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Arthur Ashcroft

Arthur Ashcroft: “



Arthur Ashcroft was born in Toronto Canada he is the long lost older brother of Alyssa Ashcroft when Ashcroft was young their parents died in a car accident leaving him and his sister in the care of his grandparents because of extereme poornest and lost of money Arthur was forced to leave his grandparents and sister to find a work and raised his family.

He is apperently working to Umbrella Corporation as Supurvisor of the entire paramillitary units. Ashcroft joined at U.S.F.U delta platoon company A months later he became the leader of the delta platoon. because of his great leadership and good performance he later became a supervisor,general of the entire paramillitarry units.

Ashcroft can be seen in resident evil outbreak file 2 in the ending movie of the end of the road scenerio.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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