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Sir Samuel Crompton, 1st Baronet

Sir Samuel Crompton, 1st Baronet: “

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Sir ”’Samuel Crompton”’ (c. [[1786]] – [[27 December]] [[1849]]) was a [[politician]] in the [[United Kingdom]]. He served as a [[Member for Parliament]] for East Retford, Derby and [[Thirsk]]. He also served as Deputy Lieutenant for the North Riding of Yorkshire.<ref name=gent/>

Crompton was the son of Samuel and Sarah. His father had been the [[mayor of Derby]] in 1782 and 1788. His mother was the daughter of Samuel Fox of Derby. The Crompton family was said to be descended from a Reverend John Crompton who settled in Derbyshire at the time of [[Charles I of England|Charles I]].<ref name=gent/>

Strutt sat as a [[Member of Parliament]] for [[East Retford (UK Parliament constituency)|Derby]] in 1818 and served as that member of parliament until that constituency was removed. He married Isabella Sophia Hamilton sixth daughter of the Hon and Rev Archibald Hamilton Cathcart a son of the ninth Lord Cathcart and niece to the first Earl Cathcart on [[3 November]] [[1829]].<ref name=gent/>

In the following year he was elected for [[Derby (UK Parliament constituency)|Derby]] which he held until 1834 when he was elected for Thirsk. He supported the premiership of [[Lord Melbourne]] but we was not a radical liberal. Such Liberal measures as shortening parliaments or adopting voting by ballot did not enjoy his support. He retired as member for Thirsk in 1841 when he retired to his residence there called ”Wood End”.<ref name=gent/>

Crompton served as Deputy Lieutenant for the North Riding of Yorkshire and he died aged 63 at the family home. He was survived by his wife and his four daughters. However he died without sons so the baronetcy became extinct.<ref name=gent>[,510,377,786&source=bookclip The Gentleman’s Magazine], 1849 </ref>

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| before = [[George Osbaldston]]<br />[[Charles Marsh (MP)|Charles Marsh]]
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{{succession box | title=[[Member of Parliament]] for [[Derby (UK Parliament constituency)|Derby]] | before=[[Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish]]<small>with [[Thomas Wenman Coke]];</small> | after=[[Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish]]<small>with [[Edward Strutt]];</small> | years=1826–1830}}
{{succession box | title=[[Member of Parliament]] for [[Thirsk (UK Parliament constituency)|Thirsk]] | before=[[Sir Robert Frankland, 7th Baronet |Sir Robert Frankland Bart.]] | after=[[John Bell (British politician)|John Bell]] | years=1834–1841}}
{{succession box | title=[[Deputy Lieutenant of North Riding]] | before=unknown | years=18??–18?? | after=unknown}}
{{succession box|title=[[Baronet]] | before=New Creation | years=1839–1849 | after=extinct}}
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