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List of people from Wrocław

List of people from Wrocław: “

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<small>This list includes people who were born in or lived in [[Wrocław|Wrocław/Breslau]] after 1945. For a list of famous residents before 1945, see [[List of notable people from Breslau]]</small>

* [[Jan Borysewicz]] – guitar player, composer, leader of the rock band [[Lady Pank]].
* [[Waldemar Fydrych]] – alias ‘Major’ — artist, founder of the [[Orange Alternative]] happening movement.
* [[Jerzy Grotowski]] – theatre director and theatrical avant-garde figure.
* [[Mirosław Hermaszewski]] – [[cosmonaut]].
* [[Ludwik Hirszfeld]] – [[microbiology|microbiologist]], co-discover of the inheritance of the BO blood type.
* [[Marek Hłasko]] – novelist, writer
* [[Lech Janerka]] – singer, musician and composer
* [[Marek Krajewski]] – writer
* [[Jan Łopuszański]] – physicist
* [[Tadeusz Różewicz]] – poet and writer
* [[Wanda Rutkiewicz]] – female mountaineer
* [[Andrzej Sekula]] – cinematographer and film director
* [[Hugo Steinhaus]] – mathematician
* [[Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski]] – chemist and physicist
* [[Michał Witkowski]] – writer

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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