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Amara Holdings Inc.

Amara Holdings Inc.: ”

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”’Amara Holdings Inc.”’ (aka ‘the Fund’) is a Shariah compliant Private Equity fund. Though its managers, the Fund’s primary investment focus is to secure controlling interests in small to medium sized companies in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, China and India for the purpose of investment capital gains. Sectors of focus in their regions of interest include: Real Estate & Infrastructure, Industrials, Environment/Alternative Energy/Energy and Services.
Amara was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on June 26, 2008.
Before the beginning of 2009, the Fund’s managers intend to take Amara Holdings Inc. public on the London Plus markets via reverse merger. This reverse merger is facilitated by a Special Purpose Vehicle that has been used by the Fund’s managers for the purpose of facilitating other international initial public offerings in the past. Amara’s IPO will take place once sufficient funding of a minimum of 100M British Pounds is procured from private placement investment sources. Upon closing the IPO, investors will exchange their shares in the private company for shares in the publicly quoted company.
”’Investment Criteria:”’ <br /><br />
Current Investors: Investors contribute capital to Amara in exchange for Class A Shares in the Fund. Instead of paying dividends, the Company intends to reinvest the income and the capital gains, which will be reflected in the Company’s Net Asset Value per Share. <br /><br />
”’Fund Manager:”’ Newhaven Investment House; a joint venture between Newhaven Merchant Bankers and Investments House Co LLC.<br /><br />
Role: Upon securing an attractive target company investment for Amara, the Fund’s management will then have an influence in the overall corporate direction of the target company. This is typical of many Private Equity firms, as they wish to protect the interests of their fund’s investors. Direct involvement in the target companies will range from full-blown management integration, to being granted a seat on the target company’s board of directors. Precise involvement would depend on the level of investment the Fund has secured in the target company.<br /><br />

”’Newhaven Merchant Bankers”’ <br /><br />
Newhaven Merchant Bankers is an independent investment banking and financial advisory firm, headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Phoenix, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. The Company invests and arranges debt and equity capital for leveraged buyouts, strategic acquisitions, recapitalizations, growth financings, and restructurings. <br /><br />

Senior management are Nicholas C. Wilson, Chairman Emeritus, Spencer J. Wilson, Senior Managing Director, Edwin S. Lee CA, Senior Managing Director and Jason Futko CA, Senior Managing Director <br /><br />

Investments House Co. LLC<br /><br />
Investments House LLC, established in 2006, is a family office headquartered in Dubai with a focus on investing in GCC real estate. Investments House has also made a number of principal investments into Islamic financial services, infrastructure, automotive and facilities management.

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