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Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin

Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin: “

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{{Infobox Saint
|name=Blessed Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin
|birth_date=[[23 December]] [[1831]]
|death_date=[[28 August]] [[1877]]
|venerated_in=[[Roman Catholic Church]]
|birth_place=[[Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon]], [[Orne]], [[France]]
|death_place=[[Alençon]], [[Orne]], [[France]]
|beatified_date=[[19 October]] [[2008]]
|beatified_place=[[Lisieux Cathedral]]
|beatified_by=[[Pope Benedict XVI]]

”’Blessed Marie-Azélie Guérin Martin [[married and maiden names|née]] Guérin”’ ([[23 December]] [[1831]] – [[28 August]] [[1877]]) was a [[French]] [[Laity|laywoman]] and the mother of [[Thérèse de Lisieux|Saint Thérèse de Lisieux]]. Her husband was Blessed Louis Martin.

== Life ==

”’Early Life”’

Marie-Azélie Guérin was born in [[Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon]], [[Orne]], [[France]] and was the second daughter of Isidore Guérin and Louise-Jeanne Macé. She had an older sister Marie-Louise, who became a [[Visitandine]] [[nun]], and a younger brother, Isidore, who was a [[pharmacist]].

Zélie wanted to become a [[nun]] but was turned away by the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul due to respiratory difficulties and recurrent headaches. Zélie then prayed for [[God]] to give her children and that they would be consecrated to God.

Later, she decided to become a [[lacemaker]], making [[Point d’Alençon]] lace. She later fell in love with a [[watchmaker]] [[Blessed Louis Martin]] in [[1858]] and married only three months later.

”’Marriage and family”’

Although Zélie and Louis had led a [[celibate]] marriage for almost a year, they had decided to have children. They would later have nine children, though only five [[daughters]] would survive infancy. They were Marie, Pauline, Léonie, Céline and [[Thérèse de Lisieux|Thérèse]]. Eventually all of Zélie’s daughters would become nuns.


Marie-Azélie died of [[breast cancer]] on [[28 August]] [[1877]] in [[Alençon]], [[Orne]]. She was survived by her husband and daughters.<ref></ref>

== Beatification ==
Louis and Marie-Azélie Martin were declared ‘[[venerable]]’ on [[26 March]] [[1994]] by [[Pope Paul II]]. They are both due to be [[beatified]] on [[19 October]] [[2008]] by [[Pope Benedict XVI]] in [[Lisieux Cathedral]].<ref></ref>

== References ==

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