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Jiang Jianqing

Jiang Jianqing: “


”’Jiang Jianqing”’ ([[Chinese character|Chinese: ]]姜建清; February 1953 – ) is the current president of the [[Industrial and Commercial Bank of China]] (ICBC).

Jiang graduated from [[Shanghai University of Finance and Economics]] in 1984, and later obtained his master’s and doctor’s degrees from [[Shanghai Jiao Tong University]]. In 1993, Jiang was appointed as the vice president of ICBC Shanghai Branch. In 1995, he became the president of Shanghai Municipal Cooperation Bank. He started serving as the president of ICBC Shanghai Branch in 1997, and in July 1999, he was promoted to the vice president and vice Party chief of ICBC. From February 2000, Jiang has served as the president and CPC Party chief of ICBC.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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