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{{db-spam}}{{Infobox Album <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Albums –>
| Name = Young Murk Presents……..Colonies Records
| Type = Compilation album
| Artist = [[Colonies Allstars]]
| Cover =
| Released = [[March 24]] [[2008]] <small>([[United States|U.S.]])</small>
| Recorded =
| Genre = [[Hip hop music|Rap]], [[Pop rap]]
| Length =
| Label = [[Colonies Records]], [[Reprise Records]]
| Producer = [[T.S.S]], DJ Wreck Shop, Bald Eagles
| Reviews =
| Last album = ””'[[Boss Major)| Boss Major]]””’ <br />(2006) <br />&<br /> ””'[[Im Here]]””’ <br />(2006)
| This album = ””’Young Murk Presents: Colonies Records””'<br />(2008)
| Next album = ””'[[Young & Heartless]]””’ <br />(2008) <br />&<br /> ””'[[Stressed Out]]<br />(2008)

Young Murk Presents……..Colonies Records is a [[compilation album]] by [[Colonies Records]], featuring rappers [[Young Murk ]], [[Colonies 2 Allstars (rapper)|Colonies 2 Allstars]], and [[More]].

==Track listing==
#We Too Hood (Ace Hood, Young Murk, Kane and Able)
#Certified ([[T.S.S (group)|T.S.S]])
#[[Bosses]] (Goonie)
#Adios (Young Murk, Young A.C, Conception and Animals)
#Politician Networkin (Young Murk)
#Same Old Shit (T.Gigga, Animals and Adrian)
#Materialistic Bitch (American Dream)
#No Choice (LiL Pete and Alergic)
#Pooh Speaks (Pooh)
#Swag (Colonies 2 Allstars)
#T.S.S (T.S.S)
#Leave The Tags On (Young Murk, Soilder and Colonies 2 Allstars)
#Shut Me Down (Young Murk)
#Fresh Meat (Animals, Speech and Fredrick)
#[[Get This Money]] [Remix] (DJ Khaled, We Tha Best, Colonies Records, T.S.S, Florida Allstars)

[[Category:2008 albums]]
[[Category:Hip hop compilations]]
[[Category:Colonies Records]]


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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