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Spartacus Trial

Spartacus Trial: “

Joyson Noel:

The ”’Spartacus Trial”’ (Italian: Processo Spartacus) (named after the historical gladiator, [[Spartacus]], who led a rebellion of slaves beginning in [[Vesuvius]] against the ancient [Roman Empire]]) was opened at the [[Corte d’Assise]] of [[Santa Maria Capua Vettere]] in [[Caserta]]. It was named as such in recognition of the need to fight a revolution in the [[Casalesi clan]]’s territory. It was chaired by its president, Catello Marano on [[July 1]], [[1998]]. It continued until [[June 19]], [[2008]], when its final verdict was eventually read. It was a criminal trial solely directed against the activities of the Casalesi clan and its boss [[Francesco Schiavone]] aka ”’Sandokan”’.<ref name=’Casalesi’>{{it icon}} [ Il maxiprocesso Spartacus e il silenzio della stampa]</ref>

The 10-year legal trial, charged 36 members of the clan with a string of murders and other crimes. All were found guilty and 16 sentenced to life imprisonment including prominent Casaelsi bosses, Francesco Schiavone and his chief lieutenant, [[Francesco Bidognetti]]. The other two bosses [[Antonio Iovine]]] and [[Michele Zagaria]] were also given life sentences. However, they haven’t served these sentences as they are fugitives and are still absconding. They are currently on the [[list of most wanted fugitives in Italy|list of thirty most dangerous fugitives in Italy]], with international warrants for their arrest.<ref name=’Spartacus’/>

More than 500 witnesses testified in the trial which saw the heaviest penalties ever for organised crime with a total of 700 years of imprisonment. Over the course of the initial trial and the appeal, five people involved in the case were murdered, including an interpreter. A judge and two journalists were threatened with death.<ref name=’Spartacus’>[ Godfathers of €25bn mafia family get life after epic trial]</ref>


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