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Orlando Campos

Orlando Campos: “


”’Orlando Campos”’ (born ??? – died 1994]) was one of [[India]]’s most successful [[Contract bridge|bridge]] players. ‘Orlie’, as he was popularly known was a fine technician and also one of the fastest players in the world. For a long time he held the record for the highest number of masterpoints in India.

He was the mainstay of the famous Ruia team that dominated the Indian bridge scene from 1958 through the late seventies. He represented India in numerous bridge championships on at least three occasions (see He has been featured in many bridge publications, the most recent being a hand featured in the book ‘Easier Done Than Said’ by Prakash_Paranjape ( Besides playing bridge, he also used to direct the game where he is fondly remembered for his ability to do match-point scores in double fast time.

At a personal level, he was a keen amateur philatelist whose specialization was ‘Early Indian First Day Cancellations’.

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