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Morning show central: “


==Morning Show Central Radio Network==

”’About The Network”’

Msc radio network started back in 2006. We wanted to get the word out about local and national unsigned bands or groups. The network host five talk shows and they range from talk, local news, national news, sports, music news and much more.

”’Why We Wanted To Do It”’

We noticed lots of talk shows in the USA talk about the same ol stuff day in day out. We wanted to bring more content to the public about local and national unsigned bands because the bands or groups don’t get the notice they deserve.

”’Press About The Network”’

The Cleveland Scene Magazine did a article about Msc Radio Network On Sept 24, 2008.

The internet radio network launched as an unauthorized fan site dedicated to discussing Cleveland morning show Rover’s Morning Glory. When Rover rained hatred on the dedicated listeners, MSC founder Chris rededicated the site as a forum for listeners of all morning shows, including Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony. As a community grew around the site, the staff added original programming.

[The Cleveland Scene Magazine]

”’The Shows On The Network”’

Uncensored Net Noise Friday Nights 9pm Eastern.

Maximum Threshold Saturday Nights 8pm Eastern.

The Projekt X Show Thursday Nights 7pm Eastern.

Pure Evil Entertainment Sunday’s 3pm Eastern.

The Nell’Sinn And Joe Hour Or So.. Saturday Nights 9:30 Pm Eastern.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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