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Lovesick (Elton John song)

Lovesick (Elton John song): “

ThomasWL: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Song <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> | | Name = Lovesick | Type = [[Song]] | Artist = [[Elton John]] | Album = [[A Sing…’

{{Infobox Song <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> |
| Name = Lovesick
| Type = [[Song]]
| Artist = [[Elton John]]
| Album = [[A Single Man]] (1998 reissue)
| Cover = Elton John – A Single Man.jpg
| track_no = 15
| Recorded = January-September 1978
| Genre = [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Disco music|Disco]]
| Length = 3:59
| Label = [[MCA Records|MCA]] (US/Canada)<br> [[Rocket Records]]
| Writer = [[Elton John]], [[Bernie Taupin]]
| Producer = Clive Franks, Elton John
| prev = ‘[[I Cry at Night]]’
| prev_no = 14
| next = ‘[[Strangers (Elton John song)|Strangers]]’
| next_no = 16
”’Lovesick”’ is a song by [[Elton John]] with lyrics by [[Bernie Taupin]]. It originally appeared as the b-side of his 1978 single, ‘[[Song for Guy]]’, but was included as a bonus track on the 1998 reissue of his 1978 album, ‘[[A Single Man]]’.

==Musical structure==
The song is uptempo, and reminiscent of another single from the sessions, ‘[[Part-Time Love]]’. It features strings, heavy percussion performed by [[Ray Cooper]] and a bluesy guitar solo. It changes between 4/4 beat and a rather curious 5/4 beat.

==Lyrical meaning==
The song tells about a man who is love sick, simply, and the lyric is rather sad compared to the [[disco]]-esque music. One line even reads:

”’I can’t explain why I’ll never change

”This sickness deep inside

”I’ve been doctored down, I’ve had the nurse around

”Ive heard too many lies”’

… Which is very dark and emotional. It was obviously written in the same period as the ‘[[Blue Moves]]’-album and the previous single’s b-side, ‘[[I Cry at Night]]’ when Taupin was divorcing his first wife, Maxine.

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