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Lloyd Sutton

Lloyd Sutton: “


”’Sutton, Lloyd W.,”’ businessman, is the president and CEO of Reverie Enterprises Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. Born in Elizabeth City, N.C., he graduated from Northeastern High School in 1997. While there he became a North Carolina High School All-State wrestler, and still holds the most admirable win-lost record in school history at, 93-6. In 2000, he began a short-lived college experience at Elizabeth City State University (in which he majored in Music Education) and then worked as a sales associate in the automobile industry. He along with his siblings wrote and co-produced their first record in 2001, which propelled the group to some regional success, numerous national television appearances, stoked a British Columbian tour and an independent film called ‘The Gospel Bus.’ In 2003, with borrowed monies he started Quality Touch Entertainment LLC, a music production company. Due to an opinionated legal battle Sutton was incarcerated in 2004 but his sheer would rule against his criminal conviction. From a prison cell he penned four amazing books including his soon to be released memoir Convicted But Not Convinced (DYL/[[Atria Books]]), and signed onto Dyoll Publishers Lounge. Which has several recording imprints under its umbrella, 11.13th Vintage Soul, Inky Nashville and TeddiBoy Musiq EG? Later, Mr. Sutton decided to promote and distribute his records himself. Mr. Sutton is a superb composer and a prolific songwriter. His songs ‘I’ and ‘Sex Ain’t No Sin’ opened the ears of the mass media, and his country tune ‘Red Mustang’ has struck a chord with commercial audiences across the nation. Nuera Media Management, LLC has signed a stable of little-known artist who all have strong work ethics and promising careers. Sutton has taken quite a bit of criticism for his approach to health-giving but proclaims its all for a good purpose. ‘The hospital doesn’t differentiate in helping people, so why should I?’ he says. In early 2006, he formed several other subsidiaries, including Somatic Pictures to produce the documentary movie, ‘The Rise of Five: Da’ Rocumentary’. Currently, he’s putting the finishing touches on the soon to come online television series, Hue’s House, hosted by Tony T. Houston, an ex-offender he met in state prison. Mr. Sutton is the son of Ernest and Valeria Sutton and also the fifth child of the ten, or else known as The Faithway Doves.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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