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List of Asklepios chapters

List of Asklepios chapters: ”

Kangarugh22: /* Chapters not yet in tankōbon format */

This is a ”’list of chapters”’ for the [[Japan]]ese [[manga]] series ””'[[Asklepios (manga)|Asklepios]]””’. It is serialized in the Japanese [[shōnen]] manga magazine ”[[Weekly Shonen Jump]]”.

==Chapters not yet in tankōbon format==
* 000. ”[[Television Pilot|Pilot Chapter]]”, [[2007]], Issue 19

* 001. {{nihongo|’Slashing Demon’|切り裂き魔|Kirisakima}}, [[September 22]], [[2008]], Issue 43
* 002. {{nihongo|’Self-Awareness of the Family Head’|当主の自覚|Tōshu no Jikaku}}, [[September 29]], [[2008]], Issue 44
* 003. [[October 6]], [[2008]], Issue 45

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