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Hapoel Yehud F.C.

Hapoel Yehud F.C.: “

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”’Hapoel Yehud”’ ({{lang-he|הפועל יהוד}}) was an [[Israel]]i football club based in [[Yehud]]. They spent several seasons in the top division in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and won the [[Israel State Cup|State Cup]] in 1982.

In 1973 Hapoel won the 25 Years of Independence Cup for second tier teams, beating [[Hapoel Ramat Gan F.C.|Hapoel Ramat Gan]] 2-0 in the final.<ref>[ Israel – List of Cup Finals] RSSSF</ref>

The club was first promoted to the top division as [[Liga Artzit]] champions in 1976. In their [[Liga Leumit 1976-77|first season]] in [[Liga Leumit]] they finished 7th. The [[Liga Leumit 1977-78|following season]] they finished fourth, a performance repeated in [[Liga Leumit 1979-80|1979-80]]. In [[Liga Leumit 1981-82|1981-82]] they narrowly avoided relegation, finishing one place above the drop zone. In the same season the club reached the final of the State Cup for the first (and only) time, where they beat [[Hapoel Tel Aviv F.C.|Hapoel Tel Aviv]] 1-0.

However, two seasons later, the club finished bottom of the table and were relegated to Liga Artzit. In 1989 they dropped into [[Liga Alef]] (then the third tier), and in 1992 were relegated to [[Liga Bet]]. Although they briefly returned to Liga Alef, the club was relegated back to Liga Bet, and folded in 1998.

During their years in the top division the club became well-known for its defensive style of play, referred to in Hebrew as ‘[[bunker]]’, and specialisation in 0-0 draws. In all but their final season in Liga Leumit the club drew more matches than it won or lost, and had a consistently good defensive record (the best defence in [[Liga Leumit 1980-81|1980-81]] and the second best in 1976-77 and 1981-82). The club is still remembered for its lack of goal action and low-scoring football tournaments are met with the comment ‘Hapoel Yehud scores more’.<ref>[ The Final Whistle / Hapoel Yehud scores more] Haaretz</ref>

In 2004 a new club, Hapoel Ironi Yehud was formed, which currently plays in [[Liga Gimel]].

*”’State Cup”’
**Winners 1982
*”’Liga Artzit”’
**Champions 1975-76
*”’25 Years of Independence Cup”’
**Second tier winners 1973


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[[he:הפועל יהוד]]
[[lt:Hapoel Yehud FC]]

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