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Flinstone Boy

Flinstone Boy: “


{{Infobox Song <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> |
| Name = Flinstone Boy
| Type = [[Song]]
| Artist = [[Elton John]]
| Album = [[A Single Man]] (1998 reissue)
| Cover = Elton John – A Single Man.jpg
| track_no = 13
| Recorded = January-September 1978
| Genre = [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Rock music|Rock]]
| Length = 4:13
| Label = [[MCA Records|MCA]] (US/Canada)<br> [[Rocket Records]]
| Writer = [[Elton John]]
| Producer = Clive Franks, Elton John
| prev = ‘[[Ego (Elton John song)|Ego]]’
| prev_no = 12
| next = ‘[[I Cry at Night]]’
| next_no = 14
”’Flinstone Boy”’ is a song by [[Elton John]]. For an exchange, John also wrote the lyrics to this song. It came out as the b-side to his 1978 single, ‘[[Ego (Elton John song)|Ego]]’, and appeared as a bonus track on the reissue of his 1978 album, ‘[[A Single Man]]’.

==Musical structure==
The song starts with all instruments. During the song, double-tracked vocals enter the picture, as do gnawing synthesizers sounding like the Australian [[didgeridoo]]. An acoustic guitar is present instead of the electrics mostly used during the sessions for the album. The song ends with a fading synthesizer.

==Lyrical meaning==
This is one of the few songs released which John himself wrote the lyrics to. They tell the story of a gangster whose girlfriend’s been cheating on him, but that’s not the main story. Overall, the song is mainly nonsense put together, and is a classic example of a [[b-side]] with no certain interest.

The actual title is ‘Flinstone Boy’ without the t. Many see this as a spelling mistake and correct it, but it is in fact the proper spelling.

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