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”’Fay khan”’ (Faysal Khan Durrani,Urdu:فيصل خان دراني)(b. August 20, 1979, in Pakistan) is a singer and composer from Pakistan.

Widely popular, he has earned affection for not only his music but also patriotism. He has fan base that stretches from his native Pakistan to Afghanistan, Gulf, Europe, North America and extending to Australia.
Fay khan sings in various languages including Pashto, Dari, and Urdu. He worked Hard for promotion of his pashto language. He aslo known as ‘KING OF FUSION’. He mixed pashto with many diffrent National and international laguages Including: English, French, Ebo, Urdu, Punjabi, Dari.

Dr. Fay khan was born in peshawar to pashtun Father and Bangash Mother from India, He belong to ‘Durrani’ Pashtun Family from Qandahar Afghanistan.

Faysal attended Asbar High School in university town Peshawar. He started his first band by the name of Malangan. He later graduated from Edward’s College peshawar. After graduation he enrolled in the Khyber Medical College of Peshawar for Bachelor of medicine & surgery and then subsequently in Peshawar University. Fay khan became a Doctor and the moved to Islamabad there he joined Islamabad Genral Hospital.

== Music life ==
Music Teacher: (Ustad Fateh Ali Kha)

Music life started some where at the school age. The first day, when the music teacher entered the class, taught the first lesson, he thought of it as a lesson and only and a part of an extra curricular activity in the school. Music in the real sense started when he was at college. Then it became more than just a hobby. It rather became past and parcel of his life. Few energetic, dynamic and innovative Friends, Dr. Farid Pushtonyar, Muhammad Naeem Zahid, Dr. Faysal Khan came together as a musical group by the name of ‘THE SPIDERS’.

His first stage performance in the International Doctors’ Conference, at Hayatabad Medical Complex, turned out as a spark to the fuel, an immense source of motivation, appreciation and quite a wonderful experience. Time proved to be a very cruel thing to them soon after that as it was in thier fate to go in different directions all of a sudden. Dr. Farid went to America for higher studies. Dr. Faisal Khan Shifted to Islamabad and Naeem Left alone back in Peshawar.
But the way Dr. Faisal Khan felt music in his blood and soul never dimmed at all, rather climbed like mercury in hot summer. Being in a city of opportunities Islamabad, he luckily got the chance to learn music under the tutelage Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan, at Shalimar, and also carried on with his profession as a doctor at Kashmir General and Dental Hospital in Islamabad, now a days known as ‘Islamabad General Hospital’.
A series of opportunities kept their pace on and on in the life of this innovative and creative gentleman, and one day a twist of fate brought him to turn where he met Dr. Abrar Omer, whose voice could be heard even today on FM 100 at Islamabad. On a reply to a question by Dr. Abrar Omer that has Faisal heard him on FM 100. To his complete surprise Dr. Fasial Khan never had a Radio at all. Dr. Abrar Omer onair his first song ‘AKHTER’ from FM 100 in 1998.
In 2002 Fay joined the new up coming First Pashto channel AVT khyber as a Music Producer. Channel lunched succesfully in 2003.

Dr.Fay khan was the first singer of AVT Khyber and his first song ‘Zulfaan’,(Fusion of Urdu & folk Afghani song of Pashto)Became Hit and a new refreshing change in the world of pashto music,he became popular after his song Zulfaan in Pakistan, Afghanistan and worldwide.he gave new dimension for upcoming singers. He released his First Album Zulfaan in 2003 and second Album Stergay (zulfaan2) in 2006.

After traveling through Dubai and india, Fay khan Came across England, Canada and finaly moved to the United States, where he still live in the state of Virginia.

== Released Albums==

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|. Z U L F A A N:

R e l e a s e d B y (ODEON Stereo)

01. Allah janeman

02. Armaan

03. Akhtar

04. bad nishta

05. janan

06. Kajaway

07. zama janana Mar Bamay K

08. O gadega

09. RoRo qaida qadamona

10. wroky laaray

11. Zulfaan

12. Zulfaan remix

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|. S T E R G Y ( Zulfaan2):

R e l e a s e d B y (ODEON Stereo)

1 . Rasha sang pa Sang

2 . Lag kho Rasha

3 . Ghalchaky Stergy

4 . Mazal (Journey4Peace)

5 . Wisaal

6 . RoRo Laila(Dance Mix)

7 . Badoona

8 . M.B.K (ClubMix)

9 . Ghag waka Mory

10. Zulfaan (Pushto)

11. Rasha sang pa Sang(Karaoke)

== External links ==

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