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Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce: “

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The ”’Fairfax County Chamber of Commerice”’ (”’FCCC”’) is the largest and most powerful Chamber of Commerce in the Northern Virginia region.{{cn}}

The Fairfax Chamber is divided into Councils which specialize in addressing the needs of particular industries located in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

The FCCC lobbies for the needs of their members at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond Virginia.

== Mission Statement ==
‘To develop, encourage and promote the economic vitality, quality of life and political interests of its members and the businesses of Northern Virginia for the benefit of the broader community.'<ref></ref>


== Board of Directors ==
• William D. Lecos, President and CEO<br />
• F. Kevin Reynolds, Chairman of the Board of Directors<br />
• Stuart Mendelsohn, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors<br />
• Rich LaFleur, Secretary<br />
• Richard Lukens, Treasurer<br />
• Kirk Beckhorn, General Council<br />
• Becky Parker, Immediate Past Chairwoman<br />


== History ==
The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce was founded on May 19, 1925, dedicated ‘to work to the advantage of the County.'<ref></ref> The Fairfax Chamber has evolved as Fairfax County grew from a rural outpost 20 miles west of Washington D.C. to its current position as being an essential part of the Washington region.

Since 1989 the Fairfax Chamber has hosted yearly political debates which have grown to be one of the three essential debates for any politician running for state wide office.

Today the Chamber focuses much of its attention to Land Use, Transportation, and other infrastructure developments because of the dense suburbanization that is threatening the economic vitatlity of the region.



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